Leave the dust behind you and blaze ahead on the trail before you in the new Women’s Saucony Xodus 4.0 athletic shoe, designed with the female trail runner in mind.

This trail running shoe is styled more like a typical road running shoe, and offers much of the same support and technology typically seen in every day trainers. Although it is not designed for the minimalist, it is very lightweight considering the supreme cushioning and support that it offers.

Female runners face a constantly changing environment when they’re on the trail, and the Xodus 4.0 is designed to make the transition from one terrain to the next smoother than you ever thought possible.

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Womens Saucony Xodus 4 Athletic Shoes

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The Saucony Xodus 4.0 features some of the best Saucony athletic shoe technology combined with superior trail running know-how. The primary difference between a trail runner and a typical trainer mostly lies in the outsole, and those differences are extremely important when you’re running off-road on paths covered with rocks, tree branches, and other surprises.

Before looking at what is different about the Xodus 4.0 compared to more traditional athletic shoes, let’s look at the features that are common in Saucony’s that make them so extremely popular with female athletes…

  • Superior moisture management that will keep you comfortable in your trainers for longer from the unique HydraMAX lining.
  • Feel lighter than air while still enjoying maximum durability and rebound capabilities provided by the Saucony Super Lite EVA technology (SSL).
  • Experience amazing comfort while getting support for the arch and reduced forefoot pressure with the ComfortLite EVA Sockliner.
  • Feel comfort in every area with the breathable mesh fabric, plush collar and tongue, and laces that stay in place.
  • Let your shoes absorb the shock for you while distributing pressure to support a smoother ride with the technologically advanced midsole PowerGrid.

Most of these features focus on comfort, which is why they are fairly consistent with Saucony athletic shoes in general. But for the trail a certain outer shoe is necessary in order to function optimally, and in order to handle the harsher elements.

The features of the Saucony Xodus 4.0 that are specific to trail running shoes include the following:

  • Set your mind at ease and face any terrain confidently with a durable outsole made of Vibram SX-Trek rubber.
  • Get protection from rocks (and the pain they cause) with the External Bedrock Outsole technology.
  • Experience the superior performance and function provided by the 4mm heel to toe differential.
  • Benefit from the locked in feel of the midfoot staying over the midsole with the innovative Pro-LOCK technology, which will ensure your foot stays in place throughout your workout.

Not every woman needs a trail running shoe, and if you plan on only running on hard road surfaces you are better off with a trainer designed for that purpose.

A typical athletic training shoe will not protect as well from rocks and other materials you will find on rough terrain. The outsoles of the Xodus 4.0 are especially designed for rough terrain, but would not provide as much traction on a hard surface, especially if it’s slippery. Saucony offers many different great road running shoes, some of which include:

  • Saucony Ride 6 is a very popular and comfortable shoe build for neutral runners
  • Saucony Mirage 4 delivers the performance you may need, and included a bit of midfoot stability
  • Saucony Triumph 11, a premium athletic shoe that is packed with top-of-the-line running technology

If a trail running shoe is what you find you are looking for then the Saucony Xodus 4.0 is a great choice. You have two color combinations to choose from, one a little brighter and bolder and one a little more subtle, which is blue and gray and is my favorite, and it has great cushioning and is a very light shoe considering the superior technology.

If you’re searching for a trail running shoe that is built for a little more performance, check out the Kinvara TR2, which is lighter than the Xodus weighing in at only 7 ounces.

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Womens Saucony Xodus 4
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