Race like the wind and feel like you’re running on clouds with the Women´s Saucony Ride 6. This is a trainer that offers everything that a women´s athletic shoe should, plus much more!

The 6th edition of the very popular Saucony Ride is lighter weight, more supportive overall, and even better looking than the 5th edition. It also offers superior comfort provided by a number of new features that put a new twist on this classic from Saucony.

The Saucony Ride 6, like the other editions that came before it, is designed for women who are neutral runners, and don´t necessarily need stability as much as extra cushioning to absorb shock when the feet hit the ground.

It is not built for the minimalist runner, as there is a considerable amount of shoe due to the extra cushioning, but if you don’t have issues with the pronation of your feet when you run it could be the right option for you.

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Womens Saucony Ride 6 Athletic Shoes

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With the Saucony Ride 6 you get a super comfortable women´s athletic shoe that follows the natural shape of the foot and offers a more natural level of flexibility than you will find with similar trainers. These features are usually more characteristic of a minimalist running shoe, rather than one that offers the level of support and cushioning that the Ride 6 does.

The features that make the Saucony Ride 6 the exceptional running shoe that it is include:

  • A collar lining that helps control the moisture in your shoes and provides superior comfort for the skin by using the original HydraMAX technology.
  • A shape contouring ComfortLite molded sockliner that reduces forefoot pressure and helps support the arch.
  • An Impact Zone that uses Super Rebound Cushioning (SRC) to provide a smooth transition and help absorb shock upon landing.
  • Better traction and longer lasting materials than the competition due to the use of XT 900 durable carbon rubber on the outsole.
  • Lighter weight by 1/3 compared to athletic shoes made with standard rubber due to the use of iBR+ rubber in conjunction with the XT 900.
  • Targeted support provided by the lightweight synthetic overlays that secures the foot better and offers more durability.
  • Midsole PowerGrid technology that reduces shock impact, centers the foot, distributes pressure, and provides for optimum smoothness with every step.
  • Six bold color combinations to choose from allow you to make a statement with your footwear (it´s hard to choose a favorite!!).
  • Deep flexible grooves that move more naturally with the foot for increased comfort and more fluid motion.

Much of the same technology was featured in the predecessor to the Ride 6, which was the ProGrid Ride 5, but has been upgraded to improve the overall functionality.

Reviews of the Saucony Ride 6 that focus on the comparison to the Ride 5 most commonly mention that this shoe may run a bit small but that as long as you get the right size it is an extremely comfortable shoe.

For serious female athletes, comfort is not the only factor to consider and the Saucony Ride 6 seems to get great applause for light overall support as well. Overall support in the form of extra cushioning is great for intense workouts because it reduces the impact of landing, saving your knees from injuries in the long term.

If you need more than light support, though, this probably is not the best choice for you. There are a few athletic shoes by Saucony that offer additional support if you need a bit of inner-foot stability. They include:

  • Saucony CS 3 offers maximum inner foot support for heavy overpronators.
  • Saucony Guide 7 weighs a little more than the Ride but includes some inner foot support.
  • Saucony Fastwitch 6 is more of a performance trainer, that also provides some help for your aching knees.

These are all great options if you have a slight to moderate overpronation issue and need more support in specific areas rather than just overall support. But if you are an woman simply looking for a highly functional athletic shoe with extra cushioning, then the Saucony Ride 6 is a great option for you. Strap a pair on your tootsies and you’ll be ready to head out for an amazing workout!

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Womens Saucony Ride 6
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