If you’re tired of your typical dull trail running shoes then the Women’s Saucony Peregrine 4 will be a welcomed change. This superior trail running shoe for female athletes not only functions well but is also anything but ordinary.

Both color combinations that are offered are bold and bright, giving you the opportunity to blaze the trail in style. The blue and gray offers a little bit more of a subtle look while the orange and purple is for women like me that like a little excitement in their athletic shoes. But what’s even better than the stylish features of this trainer are the features that make it a first-rate trail running shoe.

You will want durable materials that still offer flexibility and breathability, with an outsole that is strong enough to protect you from the elements. If this sounds like an impossible combination then prepare to be surprised because the Saucony Peregrine 4 offers all of this and more.

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Womens Saucony Peregrine 4 Athletic Shoes

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Few reviews are out for the newest edition of this shoe but past reviews for the Peregrine 3 from both serious and casual female trail runners tend to be positive. The newest edition has few upgrades compared to the last, but that just means that Saucony got it right the last time.

The Peregrine 4 is a combination of the perfect mix of comfort and function when it comes to being on unpredictable terrain. With any off-road running shoe the construction of the outer portion of the shoe is extremely important.

The factors that make this a great trail running athletic shoe include the following:

  • Amazing traction on trail terrain and excellent durability even if you’re rough on your shoes because they’re built with durable XT 900 rubber.
  • Extreme underfoot comfort provided by the HRC+ Strobel Board and its extra 3mm of cushioning.
  • Protection from rocks and other debris found on rough terrain provided by the External Bedrock Outsole (EBO).
  • More shock absorption in the heel area because of the PowerGrid insert that reduces the impact and distributes pressure, allowing for an ultimately smooth ride.
  • Experience dryness all day in these shoes thanks to the HydraMAX interior lining in the collar that manages moisture.
  • Superior flexibility due to a breathable mesh upper and the lightweight synthetic overlays, allowing for a more fluid motion.
  • Reduced forefoot pressure and extra arch support provided by a ComfortRide sockliner that also cradles the heel for added comfort.
  • Toe protection provided by a unique Toe Shell that will protect your toes from unwelcome rocks.

As you can see based on the features that make this trainer what it is, it is not your average trail running shoe, but you may not need a trail running shoe depending on the types of workouts you enjoy most.

The features that are unique to this trail running shoe will not provide as many benefits when the Peregrine 4 is worn on harder surfaces. Those surfaces require a specifically designed athletic shoe that offers a different kind of traction, support, and stability.

If you find you like the Saucony Peregrine 4 but know you need a trainer designed for the road there are many options to choose from. Some of our top recommended trainers include:

  • Saucony Triumph 11 packs the latest technology into a premium road running shoe for neutral strides,
  • Saucony Mirage 4 offers a great combination of minimal medial stability with lightweight performance,
  • Saucony Hurricane 16 a very popular model built for female athletes who overpronate to a moderate degree.

All of these are great running shoes that offer superior traction on the road. It doesn’t hurt to have a pair of regular athletic shoes and a pair of trail running shoes, though, and if you are going to pick a pair of trail running shoes the Saucony Peregrine 4 is a great option.

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Womens Saucony Peregrine 4
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