Be swept away by comfort, support, and style when you wear the new Saucony Hurricane 16, the latest innovative woman´s athletic shoe from a name known for superior running technology.

This is a shoe that offers all the support and stability you need but won’t weigh your feet down or leave you lacking in style. With two bold color combinations to choose from you might find it difficult to choose between them just like I did, but you can always buy two!

There have been few changes to the newest version of the Saucony Hurricane but few were needed to begin with. The Hurricane 15 received extremely positive feedback due to its excellent stability for runners and great arch support for any female athletes who wear it.

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Womens Saucony Hurricane 16 Athletic Shoes

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The minimal changes that have been made are just upgrades on the already much-loved features. The features that make the Saucony Hurricane the functional and comfortable woman´s trainer that it is include:

  • Much improved heel impact shock absorption and extra cushioning supplied by the Impact Interface which will deliver a smoother performance during your workout.
  • Superior in-shoe comfort and moisture management provided by the HydraMax Collar Lining, which will help keep your foot dry.
  • Breathable ComfortLite sock liner creates better in-shoe environment with antimicrobial technology that will eliminate any nasty odors that sometimes come about in women´s athletic shoes.
  • Optimized responsiveness and cushioning with combination of PowerFoam and Grid Technology that forms the innovative PowerGrid to propel you forward during your workout.
  • Super Rebound Cushioning (SRC) Impact Zone sets your foot up for a smoother heel to forefoot transition and helps reduce the force of shock on your knees.
  • Original HRC+ Strobel Board technology that provides an additional 1.5mm of EVA for increased step-in comfort.
  • Heel to toe differential of 8mm, which will give you a better overall feeling, and a more streamlined take-off and landing during your running cadence.
  • Saucony´s patented XT-900 carbon rubber outsole that provides for a longer lasting shoe that offers superior traction, which will ensure you get the most miles our of your new trainers.
  • Added midfoot stability provided by medial support for those women that have weak arches or who roll inwards during their run.
  • Sauc-Fit technology that keeps the heel in place and locks the mid-foot over the midsole for superior fit and comfort. This will provide a great, snug fit, and will help you avoid blisters caused from skin irritation.
  • And lastly, the Hurricane 16 has a breathable mesh and synthetic overlay upper with plush collar and tongue provide added comfort for feet and ankles.

With all of the innovative technology featured in the Saucony Hurricane 16 it’s no wonder that it is such a comfortable and supportive women´s athletic shoe. The support and stability that this trainer offers is more for those ladies with slight to moderate overpronation problems. Tying on a new pair will work wonders to improve your running experience if you are an overpronator, and have not been wearing shoes designed for that specific type of foot.

If you are a neutral runner or are an underpronator, on the other hand, then the Saucony Hurricane 16 may not the best match for your foot. Saucony makes athletic shoes with specific technology for women with neutral gaits or with underpronation issues. One of our favorites is the Triumph 11 by Saucony, a trainer packed with premium technology that offers a great overall combination of comfort and style.

The difference between the Triumph 11 and the Hurricane 16 is that the Triumph provides more neutral cushioning, whereas the Hurricane will provide a combination of cushioning and stability. This is specifically designed to enhance the natural motion of the foot during running.

Since the Saucony Hurricane 16 is designed for those that overpronate to some degree you want to know what type of foot you have before deciding on them. If you find that the inner edge of your shoes wears quicker than the outer edge then you may be an overpronator and the Hurricane 16 would be an ideal choice for you.

Choosing the right running shoe is important in order to protect your feet and the rest of your body so you should base the decision on your specific type of foot. If you do and the Saucony Hurricane 16 is right for you, then you’ll know when you experience the superior running comfort provided by this superior athletic trainer.

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Womens Saucony Hurricane 16
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