The Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 is a true trail shoe. The traditional trail shoes of yesteryear were robust crossovers created by the top selling manufacturers.

These manufacturers simply took their best runner and added weather proofing and jagged traction rubber. The traditional trail shoe was left to the outdoors companies. There was a distinct difference between the crossover and the true trail shoe.

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Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Trail Running Shoes

Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Men's Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0
Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Men's
Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Women's Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 Women's

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Saucony’s Xodus is the second version of the company’s first attempt at true trail shoe greatness. The Saucony Xodus 2.0 is a true trail shoe made from recycled materials for nature lovers with neutral feet looking to train of the beaten path.

The Xodus 2.0 boasts Saucony’s patented EBO or External Bedrock Outsole. This blown rubber outsole protects each runner’s foot from any type of obstruction, whether it is a fallen tree branch or the most jagged piece of embedded stone.

A new improvement to the upper is made to the latest version of the Saucony Xodus 2.0. Synthetic welded overlays hold the arch in place while protecting the outer of the foot. Along with the supporting overlays, this trail shoe has a breathable mesh upper that prevents the foot from overheating.

Moisture removing Ortholite inserts contain antimicrobial materials that not only cut down on sweat, but unwanted odor. The textile lined inner that feels like a terry cloth towel is a nice comfort feature as well.

The tongue of the Progrid Xodus 2.0 is padded and fits snug to the foot so that it is sure to shut out any unwanted materials such as tiny sticks or pebbles. The old pebble in the shoe has stopped even the toughest of runners dead in there tracks.

The Xodus 2.0 has a patented Vibram Trek outsole that provides exceptional road or trail grip and traction. This technology makes the Saucony Xodus 2.0 a lightweight and durable option for any outdoors enthusiast.

Heel Progrid is borrowed from some of the Saucony road running shoe lines. The Xodus 2.0 uses Heel ProGrid to dampen heel strike impact while evenly dispersing reactionary forces throughout the body.

Many heel strike devices seem to deliver the blow to the knee and the shin. Saucony continues their concern for customer safety by providing the latest and greatest safety features they have to offer.

SRC (Supper Rubber Compound) is a rubber foam compound placed throughout the midsole and forefoot that cushions the foot. This resilient material sets a runners heel to toe-off transition in a balanced manner, preventing any unwanted missteps that may cause injury.

Is Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

While the Saucony Progrid Xodus with it’s two iterations are young to the trail running world, Saucony has mad quite a splash.

The Progrid Xodus 2.0 seems to be very popular among off road runners and has little detraction spoken about it amongst the trail running community. Remember that pure trail shoes are a fair amount heavier than your everyday road running shoe.

Many experienced runners also own a pair of lightweight running shoes for use during their training sessions. By alternating your favorite trail shoes with one of our recommended lightweight running shoes, you will be ready to tackle any running environment.

Weatherproofing, rock guards, welded arch latches and heavy blown rubber outers make the Saucony Progrid Xodus 2.0 a long lasting and comfortable companion for the runner not afraid to take the road less traveled.

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4.5 Star Rating: Recommended (4.5 out of 5)

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