Lace up your pair of Saucony Hurricane 12 running shoes, and expect to run like the wind! This update to to Saucony’s previous model, the Hurricane 11, is designed for the moderate overpronator with lots of features to improve your run and offer the most comfortable ride you will ever find in a pair of running shoes.

The Hurricane 12 is packed with tons of cushion while maintaining a firm hold of your foot to offer your arches the support they crave.

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Saucony Hurricane 12 Running Shoes

Saucony Hurricane 12 Men's Saucony Hurricane 12 Saucony Hurricane 12 Saucony Hurricane 12
Saucony Hurricane 12 Saucony Hurricane 12 Saucony Hurricane 12 Saucony Hurricane 12 Men's
Saucony Hurricane 12 Men's Saucony Hurricane 12 Women's Saucony Hurricane 12 Women's Saucony Hurricane 12 Women's

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This shoe also features Saucony’s ProGrid Arch in the midfoot to help minimize overpronation, and keep your foot from moving or rolling from side to side. It looks a lot like a mini rubber bridge under your arches with tons of responsive rebound technology built in.

Though the shoe is named Hurricane, Saucony wants your ride to be much more stable than a storm. They equipped it with ProGrid and ResponTek technology that will improve your overall performance and provide a plush ride.

This technology is basically a piece of rubber insole that runs the full length of the shoe, and looks like it was poured into a waffle-maker. This design helps dissipate impact and provide maximum shock absorption. This will provide an easier, more controlled motion from heel to toe.

Lastly, Saucony wanted to make sure the Hurricane 12 was tough enough to weather any storm, and be able to handle whatever challenge you face. That’s why the Saucony Hurricane 12’s outsole was made from blown carbon rubber that provides high durability without making this shoe too stiff to handle uneven terrain.

Also, the design of the outsole increases traction control and keeps you from losing your grip in even the most slippery of situations.

Overall, this shoe seems to cover all of its bases, and live up to being a phenomenal choice for moderate overpronators.

Is Saucony Hurricane 12 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The standout quality of the Saucony Hurricane appears to be the excellent arch support. Testers really like the arch band on the upper combined with the ProGrid arch insole technology, which provides a snug and secure ride to those suffering from moderate overpronation.

Many runners also commented that this shoe had a more contoured toe box, so if you are looking for more room than the ProGrid Hurricane offers, you may want to check out the Saucony Omni 9.

Overall, the Hurricane 12 is best-suited for lean to average weight runners, or for those recovering from an injury. It offers substantial cushion without compromising the overall weight of the shoe. It is also extremely durable, and will be able to handle any weather conditions or terrain you hit.

Don’t wait for your next running disaster before you grab yourself a pair of Saucony Hurricane 12 running shoes.

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