Stability and comfort is what every woman runner desires when it comes to a mountain trail shoe. After all, without these two components, any run can be horrendous on your feet and body.

Salomon is a brand of athletic shoes that does not get the attention it deserves, designed specifically with athletes and nature lovers in mind. All the athletic trainers that Salomon produces are meant to be able to withstand the strictest of conditions, as these are the conditions that those who founded Salomon run and play in.

The Salomon XT Wings 3 is the go to shoe for many women looking for comfort, durability and tons of stability. The Wings 3 is the latest model in the Wings line, and is the successor to the Wings 2 model.

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Womens Salomon XT Wings 3 Athletic Shoes

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One major difference that is seen from the Wings 2 model to the Wings 3 model is a different fit within the toe box. There is more rubber in place at the tip of the shoe to protect your delicate toes, making these sneakers safer for off-road runners.

However, this is making a slight difference in how these shoes are fitting the foot when compared to the last model, and some female runners may notice a slightly tighter fit in the shoe box.

The technology that is in place within the Wings 3 model is what makes this shoe something that a woman will want to consider when running trails and is what makes Salomon worthy of consideration. The specifications include:

  • Weighs in at 12 ounces, making it one of the mid grade shoes within the Salomon Mountain Trail shoes in response to the weight.
  • The shoe has seamless construction, which takes away the threat of problems due to seams that are seen in many other shoes on the market, such as blisters on your feet due to friction.
  • The mesh is breathable and quick drying, making it great for foot ventilation.
  • Synthetic overlays are placed throughout the shoe, meant to target areas of the feet that need more comfort, while also helping to ensure the shoe lasts longer.
  • Contains the Sensifit technology that allows the shoe to wrap the foot, giving a woman more stability and a feel that the shoe is working with her foot, it also helps with foot movement.
  • Has the Quicklace system that allows for tying to be done and ready to go immediately.
  • A pocket allows for the shoe strings to be tucked into the shoe, ensuring that you do not slip on these laces, causing harm.
  • The toe cap on the front of the shoe helps to avoid any injuries to the toes.
  • The lining within the shoe is breathable, which helps for those who run in warmer temperature’s to avoid the discomfort of wet feet
  • There is a OrthoLite insole that gives more cushion and comfort in areas of pressure.
  • The sole of the shoe is non-marking yet has the durability to take on any type of terrain that you come across.

There are two color options with the Wings 3 including the Mineral Grey and the Black with wasabi and firefly green, both very sleek designs.

Reviews of these off-road athletic trainers are rather positive. Complaints about the toe box can be seen, but many women find that after a little break in period, they can run in these just fine.

In addition, the common complaint seems to be that these shoes are not entirely waterproof and there is no Gortex option. Thus, wet weather can prove to be a problem if your workouts include muddy trails, and you may want to go with a different trail running shoe.

For those who are looking for other Salomon mountain trail shoe options, there are several to choose from including the Speedcross 3, the XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 and the XR Mission W.

The Speedcross 3 offers a slightly lighter weight, yet a roomier toe box. It also offers a more rugged sole for added traction while more comfort can be seen in a lower heel drop.

The XA Pro 3D Ultra 2 is a heavier shoe, most known for its added arch support.

The XR Mission W is most comparable, though slightly lighter, it offers the same type of comfort, but offers more color options.

So if you’re ready to impress your fellow workout warriors, grab the trainers that match your workout needs, and then head out to give your legs a great burn!

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Womens Salomon XT Wings 3
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