How do your current shoes hold up to streets, steps and downhill runs? If you find that your shoes slip or cause discomfort, then a shoe developed for these specific reasons is going to be the solution. The Salomon X-Wind Pro is designed for any urban trail that a woman may run, and is an updated version of the XR Crossmax.

Salomon road shoes are an unfamiliar brand for many women, though this should not stop them in trying on these impressive trainers. Salomon designs shoes with outdoor enthusiasts in mind and utilize superior technology that other shoe brands cannot match.

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Womens Salomon X-Wind Pro Athletic Shoes

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The X-Wind Pro has several features that are sure to enhance your urban run, which include:

  • A light weight of only 10 ounces.
  • TLC construction which stands for Transition Link Carriage which is going to make your movement to flat terrain to steps easier and without pain.
  • A tongue cover blocks debris from getting into your shoe while running.
  • Breathable mesh is going to make the temperature of your foot more comfortable.
  • Synthetic overlays are in the shoe that enhance comfort, while also making it more durable.
  • Lace pocket tucks laces in to make sure that you do not trip on these and these pesky little shoe strings are not a nuisance
  • The lace eyelets are friction free, allowing these to expand and shrink as necessary while running for the utmost of comfort.
  • The lining of the shoe is breathable, helping to ensure comfort for your feet.
  • A rubber toe cap helps to protect your toes from scuffing your shoe or falling down.
  • Molded EVA material in the shoe helps to ensure comfort, while also has antimicrobial components which is more sanitary.
  • The rubber on the sole is meant to absorb shock better, while also ensuring that you have better traction on any pavement you choose to run on.

There are two color options with the X-Wind Pro that include:

  • Boss blue with score blue and gray denim
  • Wasabi with firefly green and green tea

Women who have tested the X-Wind Pro find that these shoes do provide a great amount of comfort. However, some women believe they can have too much of a good thing, with a couple ladies complaining of too much comfort, which led them to feel as though they could not get a good grip while in the shoe.

For women who are looking for similar city running shoes, they will find that there is also the X Tour, X Scream and the Sense Mantra 2 offered by Salomon.

The X-Tour is slightly lighter at 9 ounces, but offers the OS Tendon technology that helps to ensure you foot lands flat on the terrain, while also offering a very breathable mesh shoe.

The X-Scream weighs in at 10 ounces and is designed for those ladies looking for more natural movements of their feet while wearing shoes.

Meanwhile, the Sense Mantra 2 is 9 ounces and is meant to be the shoe for traction, as it can go from wet to dry immediately without any problems.

For those exercise enthusiasts still looking for a shoe that is designed for wetter conditions, they will find that the Techamphibian 3 is an amazing shoe for water sports, as it is able to drain water from it, and can be converted to a sandal with just a flip of the wrist.

So no matter your workout environment, Salomon will offer something specifically designed for your training needs. Snag whichever pair is best, and get your legs and rear feeling and looking good!

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Womens Salomon X-Wind Pro
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