Do you take to the city streets every morning for a run? Are your shoes simply not holding up to what you do everyday? If so, then the newest Salomon X Tour may be the perfect trainer for you.

One of the most important aspects that most female runners are looking for when it comes to pavement running is a shoe that offers support while also being lightweight. Fortunately, the X Tour embodies both of these aspects.

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Womens Salomon X-Tour Athletic Shoes

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Salomon is a brand of shoe that may not be known by many, especially with distance runners, though they offer superior options for those athletes who spend a lot of time in nature, and need foot support that will stand up to the elements.

The characteristics of the Salomon X Tour that make it something that women are interested in are:

  • Weighs in at only 9 ounces, so it won’t slow down your next workout.
  • The mesh in the shoe is very breathable, ensuring that your run, even in hot conditions, is going to be comfortable.
  • Synthetic overlays in the shoe are not only providing the shoe with more durability, but they also help with the comfort of the shoe.
  • Contains the SensiFit technology that allows the shoe to cradle your foot, which is just another way that the fit is improved and the comfort is maximized.
  • Contains the OS Tendon technology that ensures every time your foot lands, it lands appropriately and with your weight distributed that makes your run easier on your body.
  • Rubber cap on the end of the shoe to protect your toes should you scuff your toe or the like.
  • The rubber on the sole of the shoe is durable and non-marking, allowing it to take on any terrain that you may come across, as well as keep traction during wet conditions.

There are four color options with the X Tour which include:

  • Dynamic with white and mallow pink
  • White spectrum with dynamic and flou blue
  • Midnight with boss blue and flou green
  • Wasabi with white and mystic purple

Reviews of these shoes are quite positive. The only drawback seems to be related to the design of the shoe. Some women have complained about the tongue of the shoe being too narrow, making it hard to enjoy wearing the shoes due to discomfort. Other women have complained about the length of the shoestrings being too short, to allow for a real, snug and comfortable feel.

For women who are looking for an athletic trainer that is going to take them through their city runs, they are going to find that Salomon offers several other shoe models including the X Scream, the Sense Mantra 2, the Techamphibian 3 and the X-Wind Pro.

The X-Wind Pro is slightly heavier at 10 ounces, but has much more comfort in place for the foot.

Another option is the X Scream, which weighs a bit heavier at 10 ounces as well, but offers more of a natural foot movement thanks to the design of the shoe, which for many can lead to better performance.

The Techamphibian 3 is a lightweight running shoe designed for those who will be running in wet conditions, since it has holes in the sole of the shoe to drain water away from the foot, with the added bonus of being able to go to a sandal through removing the strap on the back of the shoe.

The Sense Mantra 2 is perhaps the most compatible with the X Tour, as they weigh the same, however, the Sense Mantra 2 has more added traction allowing this shoe to go from wet to dry pavement without slipping.

If you want to experience the latest running technology, check out the latest in an impressive line from Salomon.

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Womens Salomon X-Tour
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