Having numerous shoes in your closet can be a space issue (or so I hear), yet you may feel as though you need this number of shoes to ensure that you have something for every occasion. Fortunately, the new Salomon X Scream trainers are geared towards those who run on pavement, yet can also handle those who occasionally take a run on the wild side into trails.

This is an athletic trainer that is built for city running, but with the impressive amount of grip on the shoe, you can more than handle any workout that comes your way.

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Womens Salomon X-Scream Athletic Shoes

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There are several features about the X Scream that makes it the “go to” shoe for many women runners, and is why these sleek-styled babies are a great addition to any woman’s collection. These features include:

  • A plush tongue cover to allow for enhanced comfort.
  • Lace storage to avoid tripping on your shoe laces, which enhances the safety of these versatile trainers.
  • The eyelets on the X Scream are friction free which allows the shoe to expand to fit your foot more comfortably while running, without the shoestrings cutting into the foot for more comfort.
  • The mesh is very breathable, meaning that your feet will stay cool while running and working out, a huge plus for those running in warmer climates.
  • Contains the Asymmetric Sensiflex technology that allows the foot to run naturally, with the toes of the foot landing first.
  • Rubber is on the end of the shoe to provide safety for the toes in case you encounter unwanted hazards.
  • Utilizes the SensiFit technology that ensures the shoe is going to wrap your foot and fit you more securely.
  • Foam is the inside of the shoe that is going to mold to your specific foot, which is going to make this much more comfortable for you while exercising.
  • Weighs in at 10 ounces, putting it in the mid-tier of women’s athletic shoes.
  • The rubber on the sole of the shoe is meant to add comfort, but also to improve the grip that the shoe provides, allowing you to go to different surfaces with no worries.

There are several color options with the X Scream including:

  • Boss blue with score blue and white
  • Dark cloud with light onix and orange feeling
  • Spectrum with white and blue
  • Wasabi with moorea blue and yellow

The only complaints that can be found with this model of shoe is the fact that it is not waterproof, despite the shoe being able to run in wet conditions. This can cause a problem for those who run through puddles or if you live in a region with inclement weather.

For those ladies who are looking for a city running shoe, they are going to find that Salomon offers several other models that may be of interest. These options include the X Tour, Sense Mantra 2, the Techamphibian 3 and the X-Wind Pro.

For those who are looking for a fully waterproof shoe then the Techamphibian 3 is the best choice, as this is geared as Salomon’s water shoe. This shoe has water ports in the shoe to drain the water, while also allowing a person to go from shoe to sandal with ease.

The X-Wind Pro is perhaps the closest to the X Scream, as the two shoes weigh the same. The Wind Pro is designed to wear on flat or raised surfaces with very little effort since the shoe has technology that helps the foot to land properly no matter what type of terrain.

The X Tour is slightly lighter at 9 ounces and offers the OS Tendon technology to help the foot land on the terrain properly, while also offering mesh that is breathable for comfort.

The Sense Mantra 2 weighs in at 9 ounces, and allows for a more natural movement of your foot, which can lead to enhanced performance during any run.

As you can see, Salomon offers a number of great options for female athletes who are looking to experience the next wave of running technology first hand. Check out the many reviews yourself, and discover why so many female athletes rave about these versatile trainers.

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Womens Salomon X-Scream
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