Are you tired of damp feet ruining a perfectly good run in stormy weather? Many women have complained about this problem, and fortunately Salomon heard these pleas with their design of the Techamphibian 3.

Designed for activities in which your feet will get wet, these specialized trainers seem to think ahead for all the problems that you may encounter. It’s also important to note that these trainers are geared as a city shoe as they are not meant for serious trail hiking.

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Womens Salomon Techamphibian 3 Athletic Shoes

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Salomon Techamphibian 3

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The specifications of the Techamphibian 3 are unique to this shoe, they include:

  • The mesh on the shoe is breathable, which does allow your feet to dry much faster, plus the mesh is anti-debris, meaning that it washes well.
  • The internal stitching of the shoe material means that you can have a more comfortable time as the stitching is not going to cause any harm to your foot.
  • It has a convertible heel, meaning you can go from a shoe to a sandal with just a few tugs and pulls.
  • Drainage ports are on the sides, allowing for water to drain away from the foot quickly ensure that this is the ultimate water shoe.
  • Sensifit technology ensures that the body wraps and supports your foot.
  • The rubber on the sole of the shoe is non-marking Contagrip, which means that in any wet surface, you will still have traction, great for going through streams or the like.
  • It has a molded EVA sole for added support and comfort.
  • There are lugs on the outer sole, which help give you better grip on whatever terrain you encounter.
  • A weight of only 11 ounces, placing it in the middle of the pack relative to the competition.

There are a few great color options available with the Techamphibian 3, giving you a choice to show your personality. The color options include:

  • Score blue with green tea and boss blue
  • Bordeaux with orange feeling and mystic purple
  • Sand with light hay yellow and igloo blue

Women who have tried on a pair of these shoes often praise the innovation that ensures these shoes can withstand standing water. However, the one complaint that seems to repeat among those ladies who have these shoes is the strap that allows the shoe to convert to a sandal. Many claim that it can be difficult to keep the strap secured and in place.

For those who are looking for more city shoes by Salomon, they will find that the Techamphibian 3 is one of a kind. Yet, there are a few other suggestions they can try such as the X Tour, X Scream, Sense Mantra 2 and the X-Wind Pro.

The X Tour weighs 9 ounces and has technology to help the foot land on any terrain appropriately with the OS Tendon technology.

The X Scream is designed to allow for the foot to move more naturally while in the shoe, as though the shoe is a second skin to the person. This allows for better performance for those who are running.

The Sense Mantra 2 weighs 9 ounces and is meant to take on any surface at any time. A runner can go from dry to wet terrain without any slipping or problems.

The X-Wind Pro is 10 ounces and is designed with flat terrain in mind, allowing a person to go from adding miles on pavement to steps within a city without moving the natural movement of the foot.

So grab whichever pair of shoes from Salomon that best fit your individual needs, and be a leader of the pack in these versatile and innovative athletic shoes.

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Womens Salomon Techamphibian 3
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