Do you want to run in a shoe that feels an extension of your own body? This is something that most every runner wants, and with the Salomon Sense Mantra 2, your dreams will become reality.

Salomon has been around since 1947, offering athletic shoes and sport gear that are designed to conquer all the elements. The Sense Mantra 2 is the updated version of the Sense Mantra and is designed for those who are running on pavement and in residential areas.

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Salomon Sense Mantra 2

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One of the biggest changes that can be seen from the original Sense Mantra to the Sense Mantra 2 is the improved fit that is offered. This trainer has been redesigned to ensure that it fits a woman’s foot with no bulkiness or awkward fitting at all, which makes many shoes harder to run in for extended periods of time.

The features of the Sense Mantra 2 are very impressive, which include the following:

  • Weighs in at just 9 ounces to help this shoe feel as though you are wearing nothing on your foot.
  • Seamless design helps to ensure that there is less irritation during your workout.
  • Quicklace system ensures that you can make adjustments quickly, while the friction free shoe eyes are going to help to ensure speedy transactions.
  • A lace pocket helps to keep the shoelaces from dragging the ground and causing accidents.
  • The tongue of the Mantra 2 is plush for added comfort.
  • The lining of the shoe is meant to mold to the foot of the wearer, to ensure that it moves with your individual foot.
  • The fabric lining is breathable, which helps to avoid the complaints that are often found with other women’s athletic shoes.
  • The traction of the shoe is meant to go from dry to wet in a blink of an eye.
  • The shoe is made with a technology that helps to form to the natural gait of your foot, which prevent ankle turnovers, which all runners know can spell trouble.
  • EVA is in the midsole which aids in more comfort.
  • The rubber on the sole of the shoe offers durability and traction in different environments.

There are three color options with the Sense Mantra 2 that include:

  • Nectarine with aluminum and orange feeling
  • Asphalt with white and papaya
  • Softly blue with gray denim and dark cloud

Women who have worn this shoe often comment that it is super comfortable. The only complaint that some users have is that the laces when pulled tight can cut into the top of the foot due to the thinness of the shoe lace, so it’s important to see how this feels on your individual body.

Those female athletes who are looking for similar city type trainers will find that Salomon offers several other impressive models in their collection. These models include the X-Wind Pro, X Scream and the X Tour.

Salomon also offers the Techamphibian 3 that is meant to be a total water shoe that allows users to walk through water with ease, while also allowing a person to go from shoe to sandal.

The X-Wind Pro helps the foot to move naturally from one terrain to the next with the Transition Link Carriage technology.

The X Scream is also designed with natural movement of the foot in mind, and those who wear this shoe may notice better performance while running.

The X Tour is designed with the OS Tendon technology that offers more support on the foot when running on any terrain.

In the end, if you’re the type of woman who is a trend setter, you’ll want to grab the perfect pair for your next workout and experience why these latest road shoes from Salomon are getting such rave reviews.

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Womens Salomon Sense Mantra 2
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