It doesn’t matter if you are planning on jogging a 5K or a battling through a full marathon, a quality running training schedule is the most important tool you can use to prepare for your next event!

When I started running routinely and entered my first race, I knew nothing about proper technique or schedules.

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I was running occasionally and did tons of cardio classes at my local gym, but didn’t really prepare in a calculated way.

Since that first race, my knowledge and discipline have both improved – as well as my race time from that first experience.

Training programs offer structure and weekly goals to get you ready for that big day, as well as acting as insurance that you are staying on pace with your mileage.

Below, we have listed some tried and true training programs, along with some personal experiences to help you prepare for whatever race you are trying to tackle – be it 5K, 10k, half marathon, or full marathon.

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Remember, these are only guidelines and advice on what has worked for us, so please customize the plans to fit your schedule, fitness level, and preferences.

Get started with a free running training schedule today, and take the first step towards reaching your race day goals!

From your team here at Runpals, “Good luck on the trails!”