Resistance training exercises are perfect for those wanting to avoid the costs of gym memberships while still getting an excellent workout. I also love the convenience of these resistance training exercises – you can do them anywhere, anytime. No brightly painted gym or loud music needed. Just a few minutes of your time.

The beauty of body resistance workouts is that they are “free fifty”. You do not need any fancy equipment or heavy weights. All it takes that good ol’ body weight you carry around everyday.

Below, I have listed a few of my favorite body resistance workouts that I often use to cross train. If I’m running in the park, I will do a few of these at the playground, or near some steps at the end. There’s also plenty of things you can find to assist you with these exercises.

Just try a few out, see what works for you, and incorporate a few into your next cross training regimen!

Reverse Dips

This tricep exercise is a favorite of mine because I can do it anywhere with a step or bench. Plus, it eliminates those flabby under arms.

Exercises Reverse Dips

1. For this exercise, you will need to find a step, bench, or something of similar height. Start by sitting on the step, and slowly inching yourself towards the edge while walking your feet out at the same time.

2. Grab the edge with both hands, and lower your body until your elbows form a 90 degree angle, or as much as your fitness level will allow.

3. Push back up through your arms, until your arms are straight. Complete 25 reps, and rest for one minute. Repeat twice more.

Basic Squats

Basic squats should be every women’s best friend, because it targets all of those trouble areas – hips, butt, and thighs. Another beauty of this exercise is that you can do it anywhere – trust me, I have!

Resistance Training Squats

1. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. While tightening your core, begin to squat back as if you are sitting in a chair.

2. Make sure that you are not doing a plié. Your butt should be sticking out if you looked in a mirror. It is also important to keep your knees over your feet, and never in front of your toes.

3. Engaging your butt and upper legs, press back up to a standing position, making sure you do not lock your knees.

4. Complete 25 reps, and rest for one minute.

Jumping Squats

Though this is similar to basic squats, it is a way to take your resistance training exercises to the next level by incorporating plyometrics.

Exercises Jumping Squats

1. Begin with your feet shoulder-width apart. Similar to the previous exercise, begin to squat back as if you are sitting in a chair, and leaning slightly forward.

2. Instead up pushing back up, jump back up, straightening your legs at the top of your jump. Bend them to land back in the squatting position to soften your landing.

3. Complete 25 reps, and rest for one minute. Repeat twice more.

Walking Lunges

Another favorite of mine. Walking lunges not only works your butt and legs, but it also builds a strong abdominal core and improves balance.

Resistance Training Lunges

1. Step forward with your right leg, and lower your body towards to ground. Make sure that your front knee does not overextend but stays behind your toes.

2. Your back leg should be at a 90 degree angle to the floor, with your back knee almost touching the floor. You may need to lengthen or shorten your step to get this proper form and avoid injury.

3. Engaging that front leg to pull your body weight back up to a standing position, lunge forward with the left leg.

4. Repeat with each leg 25 times before resting for one minute. Repeat twice more.

5. This exercise can be intensified by walking with barbells in each hand.

Take advantage of these resistance training exercises whenever you can. Doing so will keep you in great shape with trim muscles to show off!

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