The Nike XT Quick Fit+ is a minimalist style shoe that handles all of your cross training needs, from kickboxing to spin class to strength training.

Designed with many of the same features as its sibling, the Nike Free Run+, Nike tweaked this line slightly for more agile and demanding movements often associated with cross training.

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Nike XT Quick Fit Running Shoes

Nike XT Quick Fit Women's Nike XT Quick Fit Nike XT Quick Fit Nike XT Quick Fit
Nike XT Quick Fit Nike XT Quick Fit Nike XT Quick Fit Nike XT Quick Fit Women's
Nike XT Quick Fit Women's Nike XT Quick Fit Women's

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Like the Free Run+, this shoe is constructed with no seams or tongue, so it feels more like a booty than a running shoe. The upper on the Quick Fit is designed with a closed mesh upper that enhances ventilation and flexibility. For extra support, this shoe features a synthetic overlay to snugly keep your foot in place.

The inner design of the Nike XT Quick Fit+ is geared towards support, and offers a sock-like feel. This is done with Nike’s Flywire technology, which is an ultra-lightweight nylon material that hugs your feet for enhanced lateral support. This feature makes the Quick Fit a great option if you want to go sockless.

To handle the intensity of cross training, the Quick Fit features more cushioning than the Free Run. With a Phlyon midsole that runs from heel to toe, you get more comfort and shock absorption.

The Nike Free siping technology is integrated into the midsole with a multi-directional approach, allowing your feet to be agile and flexible in side-to-side movements. Additionally, Nike strategically placed more accentuated grooves in the midsole for a wider range of motion.

The Quick Fit’s outsole features the same siping and groove design, which really allows your feet and body to engage and strengthen more muscles while building a more natural gait and strike.

In order to stand up to the high wear associated with cross training, Nike added extra rubber pods to areas that see the most impact and require more traction, such as the heel.

Ideally, the Nike XT Free Quick Fit is designed for the athlete searching for a lightweight, versatile shoe that can handle many different types of exercise and terrain. This shoe will help build strength and offer similar benefits to barefoot running while offering additional protection and support.

Is Nike XT Quick Fit The Best Running Shoe For Me?

A lot of people were surprised at the lateral support offered by the Flywire technology in the Quick Fit, and thought it was a great option for cross training. The multi-directional siping also offered ease in movement and improved grip, whether you are side-kicking, or doing jumping squats.

Other runners commented on the pronounced arch support in the Quick Fit versus the Free Run. So, if you are more of a flat-footed runner, you may want to stick with the Nike Free Run+.

The enhanced grooves in the mid and outsole also add a little bounce to your step. So if you are looking for a minimalist shoe that offers slightly more cushion for harder impact workouts, the Nike XT Quick Fit+ may be your best option.

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