Feel like a champion no matter what type of terrain you’re running on in the Nike Zoom Wildhorse. This trail running shoe is designed to give the support, the comfort, and the edge that you need on the roughest off-road paths.

Being an experienced trail runner you know that the terrain is constantly changing, and in order to be able to flow seamlessly with those changes you need the proper amount of support. Sufficient support is crucial to balance, comfort, and stability so it’s also crucial to your safety when running on the unpredictable terrain that is characteristic of the trail environment.

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Womens Nike Zoom Wildhorse Athletic Shoes

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Nike Zoom Wildhorse Nike Zoom Wildhorse Nike Zoom Wildhorse

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The lightweight Nike Zoom Wildhorse is designed to let you feel the earth under your feet just enough to know what to expect without lacking in support. It’s made for high performance but suitable for anyone who likes to blaze the trail in supreme comfort and style.

The innovative design is characterized by features that provide for a natural running experience unlike anything you will have with a typical running shoe designed for the road or track. Those features include:

  • Light upper made from a single layer of mesh to allow for breathability and to keep feet cool and dry.
  • Adaptive fit system that provides a personalized feel and secures the foot for superior comfort.
  • Low profile heel and forefoot, 8mm and 10mm respectively, that allow you to connect your feet and body to the environment.
  • Lugs with a multi-directional design made from strong rubber that is ideal for workouts on multiple surfaces.
  • Nike Zoom technology that provides enhanced awareness of the surface beneath you and supports a more responsive step.
  • Lightweight for ultimate comfort even during extended activity, weighing in at only about 8 ounces.

The Nike Zoom Wildhorse is the ultimate shoe designed for serious female runners that like to train in the outdoors. All of its features work together to provide for a more natural experience, which is most likely what you’re looking for if trail running is your thing.

There are few alternative running shoes of this type that are so comfortable and provide so much support. The Flex Trail 2 is a comparable option designed for the same kind of terrain and is a little bit different in style compared to the Zoom Wildhorse.

Both get great reviews from runners with all different foot types. The Nike Zoom Wildhorse comes in more color combinations, with the blue and orange (my favorite) and the black and purple color combinations being two of the most popular.

There are also many options for trail runners that want a running shoe that is not necessarily designed for the trail. This is most often because they are looking for a certain type of support not provided in trail running shoes. Which ones you may want to consider depend on what type of foot you have. A couple of our favorites are highlighted below.

If You Have a High Arch/Neutral-Underpronator:

  • Nike Air Pegasus 30– packed with lots cushioning for your workout, and available in some stylish color options.

If You Have a Weak Arch/Overpronator:

  • Nike Zoom Elite+ 6– popular stability athletic trainer that provides excellent comfort and support.

All of these options are designed for running but are great for any kind of workout, no matter the activity. They can also be comfortable for trail running but trail runners such as the Nike Zoom Wildhorse offer a different kind of feel, a different kind of traction, and a different kind of stability.

Many runners that frequent workouts in the outdoors find this preferable to trainers designed for a typical hard surface. If you already have a favorite running shoe for that environment, maybe it’s time to get a great shoe for your trail running experience too, and this is an excellent option.

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Womens Nike Zoom Wildhorse
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