Make your next workout a little bit more enjoyable with the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30, the perfect running shoe if you want quality and style in your athletic shoes. The Pegasus+ 30 is lightweight but sturdy enough to provide the support you need to make every run a great one.

There have been many great reviews for the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30, pointing mostly to the excellent fit and the great support for underpronators, which tend to have a higher than average arch. It is the successor of the Air Pegasus+ 29, which has many of the same features, but the previous version had a lot more variety in color to choose from.

The construction of both versions are very similar though. Nike seems to know when something works and they continue to utilize it until they come up with something better. All indications point to the fact that whatever they did with this particular running shoe worked.

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If you ever experience pain during or after a run or a workout session it is more than likely due to a lack of support in your athletic shoes, rather than a major problem with your feet. Athletic shoes are made for every type of foot so even if you have a very high arch or fairly flat foot you can find the right fitting shoes. And having the right fitting shoes will reduce pain or prevent it if you have not yet experienced it.

The Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 is a shoe that is designed for a higher arch. A certain level of support in that area is necessary in order to maintain proper balance, shock absorption, and flexibility when you walk, run, or participate in any other athletic activities.

Nike offered that support with the predecessor of the Pegasus+ 30 and that same support is also offered with the newest model. A few specific well designed features are responsible for this newer version getting the same great reviews as the last one.

  • Nike+ capability make it easy to keep track of running activity.
  • Foam insole that is molded for better cushioning under your foot.
  • Light mesh outer than is breathable and offers added flexibility.
  • Waffle style outsole that provides excellent traction.
  • Nike Zoom heel unit for more responsive cushioning and even more flexibility.

The Air Pegasus+ features some of Nike’s best running shoe technology. It is features like this that make female runners choose Nike time and time again. The Air Pegasus+ 30 is just one of many styles to choose from, so you should be sure that it provides you with absolute comfort before determining not to try a different model.

If you decide that the Pegasus+ 30 is not for you, either due to the style or simply the way that they fit and feel, then there are a number of similar offerings from Nike that have the same kind of support. Two of our favorites are the plush Nike Air Max+ 2013, and the latest Nike Air Max Tailwind 6.

Each of these are excellent choices for both the competitive runner and the leisure athletic shoe wearer. All of them come in a variety of styles and provide the flexibility and support you need to get ahead of the game.

If you do decide to choose the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 you will have four different style options to choose from, including a pearl pink and black combination, a blue and black combination, a raspberry red and black combination, and a yellow and black combination. The variety gives you style without missing out on superior comfort, that so many other female athletes simply love.

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Womens Nike Pegasus 30
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