Nothing can interrupt the amazing feeling of being alone with your thoughts and one with the road ahead of you than pain caused by the wrong footwear. The problem is many people experience pain when they run because they don’t realize how much of a difference a shoe can make. Fortunately, the Nike Lunarglide+ 5 is one of those shoes that is a real difference maker.

The Lunarglide+ 5 is a lightweight trainer that utilizes ultra light foam cushioning that makes exercising more comfortable. The perfect mix of stability and cushioning will give you the support you need when your foot hits the ground, protecting you and preventing pain caused by running when the correct shoes are not worn.

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Womens Nike Lunarglide 5 Athletic Shoes

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Nike Lunarglide 5 Nike Lunarglide 5 Nike Lunarglide 5

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Everybody’s feet are different and need a different type of shoe, which is why companies like Nike make a range of options designed for different kinds of feet. The pronation of your feet is what determines which type of shoe you need.

Overpronators tend to have more inward motion when they take a step so shock is not properly absorbed. Whether you are yet experiencing pain or not it’s wise to get the type of shoe you need now so problems don’t develop or persist in the future. And for the woman who moderately overpronates, the Nike Lunarglide+ 5 is the right running shoe.

The newest version of the Lunarglide is the successor to the Lunarglide+ 4 and features some of the best of the changes that were made when it followed the Lunarglide+ 3. Some of the features that stayed the same are highlighted below.

  • Dynamic Support platform that will give you a more plush cushioning and heightened support.
  • Lunarlon cushioning construction in the midsole that provides “bottomless” carrier capability.
  • Flex grooves that provide for increased forefoot flexibility and a more natural stride motion.
  • Environmentally friendly BRS 1000 rubber that offers both extra heal cushioning and extra durability.
  • Nike+ capable which allows you to virtually keep track of each of your runs.

One of the features of previous versions of the Lunarglide that made it so popular was the weight of the shoe, or better yet, the lack there of! Unfortunately the newest version is a little bit heavier which has some reviewers disappointed but the Lunarglide+ 5 still gets great reviews for fitting true to size and providing such great support.

Some of the other great features that reviewers seem to love include:

    Breathable fabric that provides added comfort whether on the street or running competitively.

  • Wide range of colors to choose from to fit any style, including red, violet, bright magenta, pearl, pink, black, and pine.
  • Plush collar that provides even more comfort.
  • Improved traction due to the environmentally preferred rubber outsole.

These are all features that make a great athletic shoe, but when it comes to choosing the right shoe the fit is the most important factor to consider when trying to prevent physical problems caused by footwear that is not designed for your foot.

If you foot overpronates and you feel pain in your heel area after a run then the Nike Lunarglide+ 5 may be the perfect shoe for you. It offers a great distribution of support and it pads the heal when it hits the ground.

The Nike Zoom Elite 6 is also another good option for you if you have a foot that overpronates to a degree. It’s one of our top recommended shoes in this category and is impressing female athletes with its support and comfort.

If you are looking for something with a little more cushioning on the other hand, then a trainer like the Pegasus 30 is a great option from Nike for runners with a more neutral foot, without biomechanical issues.

However, if you’re a woman that overpronates, and are looking for an athletic shoe with comfort, flexibility, and a bit of arch support, there is no reason not to try on a pair of the Nike Lunarglide+ 5.

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Womens Nike Lunarglide 5
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