The Nike LunarEclipse+3 is the latest edition of the premium support and comfort shoe from the famed group headquartered in Oregon. Nike’s fabled LunarGlide+ has spun off a close cousin in the LunarEclipse+.

Nike has taken all of the famed attributes of the LunarGlide+ and evolved it into the ideal shoe for women who are mild overpronators. This can be a perfect match for those ladies and who are not afraid to spend a little time and research getting the perfect trainer that offers both stability and comfort.

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Womens Nike Lunareclipse 3 Athletic Shoes

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Nike Lunareclipse 3

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The LunarEclipse+3 focuses on decreasing heel slippage and maximizing midsole comfort. To address this issue, Nike has added a plastic clip in the heel. This heel support clip is an adjustable piece that allows the runners heel to move naturally, while providing a snug, comfortable, and secure sensation in the hind foot.

Nike’s patented Dynamic Support system has been further enhanced for the LunarEclipse+. This midsole support system provides a unique resiliency unseen in other shoe brands. Each foot strike is responded to individually. Your gait, height and weight are quickly calculated and answered using this technology.

Female runners are saying that the biggest difference between the Lunar Eclipse and other trainers with midfoot support are the “tapping of the breaks” feel. Lunarlite foam stops the overpronated foot in a casual manner.

Some other brands seem to stomp on the breaks and slam the foot shut before it slips too far. This slamming of the breaks can cause rubbing and irritable pressure points that may eventually lead to blisters. As any runner will tell you that an extended trip on the proverbial disabled list can derail even the most committed athlete.

The skeleton of the LunarEclipse+3 is made of Flywire. Flywire fibers massively reduce weight in the shoe. These fibers are strategically placed in the upper shoe to control slippage.

Nike has extracted a portion of the rubber inner midfoot and added Flywire, which lowers the runner’s foot to the ground. Taking some air out of the shocks has not compromised Lunar Eclipse’s resilience to foot strike.

A Glow in the dark lacing system and upper heel make all you night owls highly visible out there on the road.

LunarEclipse+3 wearers will notice an emphasis on fit while channeling there inner Forrest Gump, whether it be you and thirty of your closest friends gliding down route 66 or a High School CC meet.

Moderate overpronating runners have mostly lauded Nike and the LunarEclipse+3 as a foot savior. The latest version comes in weighing 11 ounces, placing it right in the middle of the pack relative to other shoes in this category.

If you’re in the market for an athletic shoe with medial support that weighs a bit less, you should take a look at the latest Nike Zoom Elite 6, which weighs in a tad lighter at only 9 ounces. This sweet ladies trainer, like the Lunareclipse, is gaining quite a positive reputation from female athletes who love the Nike brand.

Nevertheless, for runners desiring a great support shoe with maximum comfort, the Nike LunarEclipse+ provides one of the best options available.

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Womens Nike Lunareclipse 3
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