As an experienced, active runner, you know how important it is to have the right running shoe, and trail running requires a completely different design compared to your traditional road trainer.

With that in mind, the Nike Flex Trail 2 is the newest innovation in shoes designed for the trail and provides exactly what you need for the completely different and ever changing terrain that you experience in the great outdoors.

Not only are the Nike Flex Trail 2 running shoes functional, but they are comfortable and stylish too, with four bold color combinations to choose from. I personally like the gray and crimson but with three other combinations there is certainly something for everyone.

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Style aside, though, there are three main functions that you want your trail running shoes to provide for you- support, comfort, and stability.

All of these functions have been addressed in the Nike Flex Trail 2 by having features that focus on the different terrain and what is necessary to make the trail running experience everything that it should be. The features that make the Flex Trail 2 the comfortable, safe, supportive shoe that it is are highlighted below:

  • Insole constructed with molded Fitsole technology in order to provide superior underfoot comfort throughout your run, regardless of the terrain.
  • Midsole made from EVA material so it will provide lightweight support and comfort that will last all day long.
  • Multi-directional lug outsole design that provides optimal traction on the variety of different terrains you will face on the trail.
  • Breathable fabric that keeps the feet cool even during the longest, most vigorous runs and activity.
  • Thick collar and tongue for ultimate top of the foot comfort when your trail shoes are laced up.

The lightweight Nike Flex Trail 2 is not very different from the original Nike Flex Trail, with just a few upgrades in the design to allow for a more fluid motion from heel to toe during take-off, extra comfort, and better functionality on trail terrain. Both have received great reviews but the newest version of this superior trail running shoe seems to be getting an even better response than its predecessor.

Many women reviewers have alluded to the fact that it is difficult to find a great trail running shoe because they are not necessarily designed with the different types of foot in mind. But many state that the excellent support in this shoe minimizes the problems many people have with so many other running shoes designed for trail running.

If you prefer something not designed for the trail even when you are trail running the Nike Flex 2013 Run is another terrific option that many female runners find suitable for different terrains. The Nike Flex 2013 Run offers a more barefoot experience and is designed for the neutral runner, so it offers the perfect amount of cushioning and support.

But if the Nike Flex Trail 2 is comfortable enough for you then there is every reason to choose this shoe. It may not offer a “barefoot” experience but it does offer plenty of cushioning and support for a lot of runners.

Just be sure that if it doesn’t feel quite right that you consider all of the great options you have, because when it comes to the shoes you run in, comfort and safety really do go hand in hand. The Nike Flex Trail 2 is one of many great options and may be that perfect trainer for your next outdoor workout.

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Womens Nike Flex Trail 2
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