Run further and train harder with the Nike Flex 2013 Run, a women’s athletic shoe truly designed with the distance runner in mind.

Everything about this shoe makes running long distances more comfortable and ultimately more enjoyable. The weight, the design, the materials, and the innovative features all combine to make a shoe ideal for serious runners.

The Nike Flex 2013 Run is designed for the neutral runner but still offers support for those runners that may be very slight underpronators or overpronators. It is also a shoe designed for the minimalist in mind, those that want to connect with the ground they land on for a more natural running feel.

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Womens Nike Flex 2013 Run Athletic Shoes

Nike Flex 2013 Run new Nike Flex 2013 Run top Nike Flex 2013 Run bottom Nike Flex 2013 Run outside
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Nike Flex 2013 Run Nike Flex 2013 Run Nike Flex 2013 Run Nike Flex 2013 Run

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There are a number of features that are responsible for this type of support which help provide the minimalist feel of the shoe. And they come in a wide variety of great color combinations, although the crimson and platinum is by far the coolest of them all. Some of the features in this sweet trainer include…

  • Inner sleeve that provides a secure feel and fit because it envelopes the foot and keeps it snug in the shoe.
  • Lining made from breathable fabric for added comfort even during long distance running and training.
  • Outsole made from environmentally preferred rubber that adds durability and increases traction.
  • Flex grooves that run the length of the shoe to promote a more natural range of motion with every step.
  • Tongue and collar made from lightly padded material for extreme top of the foot comfort during any type of activity.
  • Core made from Phylon which provides better cushioning where you need it most and a much smoother ride.
  • Phylite midsole that offers more resilience and increased durability even for frequent runners.
  • Light support provided by synthetic overlays for extra support without extra weight to weight you down during your runs.

These innovative features are what make the Nike Flex 2013 Run different from other women’s athletic shoes currently on the market. While many others offer sufficient support and stability for runners not as many offer that kind of support in such a lightweight shoe. This is why this particular running shoe is so ideal for performance training.

If you have any kind of issues with your arches or the way that your feet land when you run there are a number of Nike running shoes that would be more ideal for you. The Nike Flex Run 2013 is suitable for individuals with neutral to higher arches but you must take into consideration the level of pronation you experience when you run.

Although you would not get the natural, barefoot running experience with these other models that you get with the Nike Flex Run, you will get the support you need where you need it. An overview of the different shoes for the different types of feet will help you to choose an alternative if the Nike Flex Run 2013 is not the running shoe for you.

If you are an underpronator then you may experience a tipping out at the ankle when you land during your run. This will wear down the outer edge of the shoe faster and you will lack the support you need. There are a couple of great options for you if this is something that you experience, including a fan favorite, the Nike Air Pegasus + 30.

If you are an overpronator then you might experience your feet rolling inward, which causes other parts of your body to compensate for the lack of support that results from this happening. This can lead to injuries that can range from moderate to severe unless you wear the right running shoes. Our top recommended shoe by Nike in this category is the ultra popular and supportive Zoom Elite+ 6.

Being able to workout with a pair of trainers that makes you feel like you’re running barefoot is a great feeling, one that I seek out with every pair of shoes I buy. But while the barefoot feel is great it doesn’t offer the support that everyone needs.

If you are lucky enough to be able to wear the Nike Flex 2013 Run you will no doubt find the experience invigorating and exciting.

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Womens Nike Flex 2013 Run
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