If you’re searching for the newest innovation in a running shoe that is designed for women with a normal to high arched foot then the Nike Air Max+ 2013 just might be the running shoe meant for you.

This superbly designed running shoe offers the kind of support that you need for the arches of your feet and will make your running activity ultimately more enjoyable.

The extra cushioning that comes with the Nike Air Max+ 2013 offers just the right amount of support without making the shoe too heavy at the same time. It is a bit heavier than a number of the other shoes made for high arched feet but that is a sign of the extra support that is provided. The thicker cushioning and sole make for a longer lasting shoe as well.

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There have been very few changes in the newest version of the Air Max aside from there being a few more color choices. The style also changed a little bit, with the newer Air Max featuring a more open and lighter mesh for better breathability for your feet. This is a huge bonus as far as I’m concerned, particularly if you are very active in your athletic shoes like me.

The changes that were made in the 2013 Air Max are changes that left a few female reviewers somewhat critical of the new version. Although many of the original features carried over to the 2013 version, there still seems to be a distinct difference in how the shoe feels and the support that it offers according to many reviews.

There are many features that still make this a great shoe that Nike decided to keep and they include:

  • Flex grooves that make running safer by providing better traction and giving you overall better flexibility when taking off.
  • BRS carbon rubber heals that increases traction even more and adds uses to the life of your shoes.
  • Layered Hyperfuse construction that increases durability without taking away from the breathability of the shoe.
  • Max Air unit that reduces the impact of your footfall when you’re running or involved in other activities.
  • Molded foam insoles for superior in-shoe, underfoot cushioning that provides the ultimate in comfort.
  • Cushlon foam midsole for enhanced cushioning that supports a dynamic and comfortable run every time.

As you can see there is a list of high-tech features in the new version of the Air Max 2013 that are designed to make for a supreme ride every time but the most negative reviews have to do with the support and the cushioning offered in the new version.

A number of reviewers claim that the new Air Max is much stiffer and not nearly as supportive. As with any shoe, though, it depends on the person wearing it, so just keep this in the back of your mind.

If you like your athletic shoes to be a little bit heavier, but not too heavy, then the Nike Air Max+ 2013 is one that you will want to try on the next time you make a trip to the shoe store. This is heavier than most of the shoes that are made for this type of foot, coming in around 10 ounces.

If you’re looking for something a bit lighter, then you might consider one of the more minimalist designs from Nike. A trainer like the Nike Flex 2013 Run will give more a more natural, barefoot feel, and can be used in any type of workout. Check out the overwhelmingly positive reviews this trainer is receiving from fellow workout warriors.

But if you prefer a more traditional athletic shoe for your workouts, then there are plenty of things to love about the Nike Air Max+ 2013, a trainer that offers the comfort and support that many avid runners need.

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Womens Nike Air Max 2013
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