For all our neutral footed friends searching for a trainer with some pizzazz, the Nike Shox Turbo 11 is finally here. This training shoe is designed to keep your feet on the track and out of the ice bucket.

The Nike Turbo 11 is a smooth dandy of a shoe that comes in many boisterous designs and colors. The most noticeable feature on this model is the patented Shox design. Nike has placed spring like rubber columns in the heel that provide the ultimate in comfort and resiliency.

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Nike Shox Turbo 11 Running Shoes

Nike Shox Turbo 11 Men's Nike Shox Turbo 11 Nike Shox Turbo 11 Nike Shox Turbo 11
Nike Shox Turbo 11 Nike Shox Turbo 11 Nike Shox Turbo 11 Nike Shox Turbo 11 Men's
Nike Shox Turbo 11 Men's Nike Shox Turbo 11 Women's Nike Shox Turbo 11 Women's Nike Shox Turbo 11 Women's

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Mismanaged foot strike impact, especially for heavy heel strikers, can often cause pain and even injury. The energy efficient foam used in the Shox system more evenly disperses the strike impact reverberating throughout the body.

BRS 1000 Carbon rubber makes the Nike Shox+ 11 outsole environmentally preferred and long lasting. Whether it’s used on the track or down the trail, the waffle-like forefoot provides maximum traction and maneuverability.

Sufferers of shin splints and heel ailments have long praised the Nike Shox Turbo+11. World famous Nike Air cushion technology throughout the shoe gives it a bouncy yet stable feel.

A molded removable inner sockliner and moisture resistant breathable mesh keep the feet snug and dry for the duration of any training session.

The Turbo+11 also includes the Nike+ technology. This is ideal for runners wishing to obtain instantaneous, electronically governed feedback from the soles of their Nikes.

You simply place the sensor under the Nike+ ready sock liner before each run. Sensors calculate your pace, distance and calories burned. From expert marathoner to beginner, you will definitely find this helpful in taking your training to the next level.

Is Nike Shox Turbo 11 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The Nike Shox Turbo+11 can be found in all shapes and sizes for men women and children. For those looking for a snazzy looking training shoe that will protect their shins and heel during workouts, look no further than this shoe.

However, don’t let the term “trainer” fool you. Trainers are traditionally known as immobilization shoes used for flatted foot or overpronating runners. While this shoe is great for a heavy heel striker burning down the Santa Anna Freeway, it is not for someone in search of stability.

Nevertheless, if you are a heel striker with a neutral or underpronating stride, snagging a pair of the Nike Shox Turbo+11 is definitely a wise choice.

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