What exactly is a Nike Rongbuk? Is it a running shoe, is it a hiking boot? The answer is both. This versatile shoe has the appearance of a hiking boot and contains the inners of a running shoe.

Are you tired of the same old run around the neighborhood? You can’t imagine taking one more lap around the track and seeing the same old thing over and over and over again? Release the Ground Hog Day feeling and strap on a pair of Rongbuk hiking shoes and delve into wilderness running.

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Nike Rongbuk Trail Running Shoes

Nike Rongbuk Nike Rongbuk Nike Rongbuk Nike Rongbuk
Nike Rongbuk Nike Rongbuk Nike Rongbuk Nike Rongbuk
Nike Rongbuk

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The Rongbuk is part of the All Conditions Gear Line or ACG as Nike refers to it. A rugged leather outer gives the appearance of a long lasting hiking shoe. Once you slide a pair on your feet and take a few steps in Ramapo State Park, your feet will instantly feel comfort and stability as generations of Nike Air Technology support your feet.

NASA inspired technology is found throughout the midsole in the energy efficient Phylon foam. Phylon disperses foot strike impact through out the body, whereas some other trail shoes deliver the blow right to the shin and knees. Ouch!

Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The equal and opposite reaction is foot bounce. Phylon intelligently responds in the most efficient manner causing longer lasting shoe resilience and precise heel to toe-off transition for every nature lover’s foot.

The Nike Rongbuk is not a clunker like a lot of hiking shoes can be. Weighing in at just 9.5 oz in men’s sizes, this is a lightweight viable option for road running as well as off road.

Leather and synthetic overlays on the upper keep your foot safe and sound. The last thing you want is to be limping home after a long run hoping the coyotes aren’t hungry. The Rongbuk is stabile and strong enough to prevent you from spraining and ankle while hurdling a downed oak tree.

The Rongbuk can be easily removed after a long glorious run with the bears. Nike has included a synthetic heel strap that helps you slip these puppies on and off with relative ease. Enjoy less hassle and more time in front of the fire with your significant other.

A padded tongue and collar along with a sandwich mesh upper make the Rongbuk very breathable while supporting the upper foot in a cushioned and comforting manner that Nike has become world famous for.

Take a look at the bottom of the Nike Rongbuk and you will see a unique jagged pattern of highly durable and weather resistant blown rubber. This is an aggressive pattern that provides maximum traction for on and off road training.

Is Nike Rongbuk The Best Running Shoe For Me?

With 100% of the votes in, the Nike Rongbuk is a success by a landslide. It’s super lightweight, stylish, and extremely versatile for any environment.

What about the naysayers? Well, most of the complaints have been from people buying the shoe as their feet are measured.

The Rongbuk fits snug and they said rubbed on the upper forefoot. This is a problem with an obvious solution. Buy your Rongbuk’s ½ sizes larger than you would normally buy a pair of road racers.

Still some off road fanatics want a more traditional hiker with maximum support and weather proofing with an all terrain look and feel. If this is you preference as well, check out our trial shoes from Salomon. Many of their shoes have added Gortex technology which provides extra warmth and extreme protection from the harshest elements that Mother Nature can throw your way.

Whether you need a pair of warm tractable shoes to get through the snowy streets, or you’re simply on a quest to enjoy the outdoors, pick up a pair of these warm, stabile, comfortable performance hiking shoe’s today from Nike.

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