Nike Free Run+ minimalist shoes can help you break loose, and will take you on the ride of your life. If you feel caught up in your daily routine, dreaming of breaking free, kicking off your shoes, and running as far as your feet will take you, these are the perfect shoes for you!

Considered a minimalist running shoe, the Free Run+ provides an extremely comfortable and barefoot-like running experience.

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Nike Free Run Running Shoes

Nike Free Run Men's Nike Free Run Nike Free Run Nike Free Run
Nike Free Run Nike Free Run Nike Free Run Nike Free Run Men's
Nike Free Run Men's Nike Free Run Men's Nike Free Run Men's Nike Free Run Women's

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Nike has really hit it out of the park with the Free Run’s design. The idea was to create a shoe that would help traditional runners transition easily into a more barefoot running style while protecting your feet from the elements and injury.

They started at the core of this shoe with a sock liner that’s molded to hug every curve, providing a comfortable and supportive ride. The Free Run’s inner design fits snugly to your foot, like a sock, and is constructed using few seams so you can actually forget socks all together if you really want more of a barefoot feeling.

As a matter of fact, this shoe foregoes a tongue and is instead constructed more like a slipper. Though this is an innovative more minimalist approach from Nike, the Free Run’s unique fit makes is easy to slide on and off.

It is constructed of a mesh upper for maximum breathability and a lightweight overlay intended to support your feet without the stiffness and thick confinement of a traditional trainer. The asymmetrical lacing system helps you adjust the overall fit without putting pressure on the top of the foot.

To add protection without compromising the minimalist approach, Nike created a light yet durable Phylite midsole that also acts as the outsole of the Free Run. This manages to provide enough structure to protect you from injury while allowing your feet to transition into a more natural gait.

What’s really cool about this outsole is that Nike made deeps sipes along the full length of the shoe, much like a car tire. As you can imagine, it provides tremendous flexibility, and allows you to engage and strengthen more muscles in your feet and body.

The outsole is also composed of BRS-100 blown carbon rubber that provides the necessary traction and protection you need. This also enhances the Free Run’s durability making them last through several hundred miles. Just imagine how many times you could escape your hectic schedule in a pair of these!

Is Nike Free Run The Best Running Shoe For Me?

One thing that struck me about the Free Run’s is that they are on the heavier-end of minimalist shoes, with a full body design weighing 9 ounces.

However, don’t let their weight or appearance fool you. Many runners commented on how natural they felt, almost like they weren’t even wearing shoes, but rather a sock with a sole.

Some taller, heavier-set runners did comment on the shoe’s snug fit being slightly uncomfortable, and not offering enough support. To this I say that the shoe is designed to be snug, so if you have wider feet, you may need to order a half to full size larger than to you normally wear.

As for support, this is a minimalist shoe, so it is a move towards building up the strength of your feet and relying less on the shoe to do the work. So, you may want to alternate these with your traditional running shoe until your feet are stronger and have built up some support.

If you prefer a minimalist shoe with slightly more arch support and shock absorption, check out the Free Run’s sibling, the Nike XT Quick Fit+. It weighs the same as the Free Run but offers an enhanced supportive foundation for your arches, and the siping on the outsole is multi-directional for improved flexibility and movement.

If you an average-sized, efficient and experienced runner who is interested in a more “barefoot approach” to running, the Nike Free Run+ shoes will feel like a dream!

Overall, Nike rose to the challenge of creating a shoe that gives you the experience of running barefoot with some enhanced support and protection. So, break free in a pair of Free Run+ shoes today!

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