If you’re an Air Moto fan, take a deep breath. The newest Nike Air Max Moto 8 has finally arrived, and it is near perfect for the neutral to underpronating runner looking for a cushiony training partner.

Each Nike Moto+8 contains Nike’s double secret technology known as Max Air. Max Air is a patented cushioning system placed in the heel of every Air Max Moto+ 8. The air pads take a beating every heel can striker can appreciate.

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Nike Air Max Moto 8 Running Shoes

Nike Air Max Moto 8 Men's Nike Air Max Moto 8 Nike Air Max Moto 8 Nike Air Max Moto 8
Nike Air Max Moto 8 Nike Air Max Moto 8 Nike Air Max Moto 8 Nike Air Max Moto 8 Men's
Nike Air Max Moto 8 Men's Nike Air Max Moto 8 Women's Nike Air Max Moto 8 Women's Nike Air Max Moto 8 Women's

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This loaded air design lessens the impact delivered to the runner’s shins and knees. Nike once again keeps you on the track and off the rack! Thanks, Mr. Knight.

The Nike Air Moto+8 includes a capsule like Air Zoom unit in the forefoot. Air Zoom is an ultra lightweight, low profile cushioniong system that allows the runners forefoot maximum maneuverability.

Now, I haven’t been Skywalking to date, but I can believe walking in Air Max Moto+ 8 is the closest thing to walking on clouds that I will experience.

The BRS 1000 blown carbon outsoles of this Nike Moto is not only built to last, but it is also environmentally friendly. Imagine that, a multibillion dollar conglomerate that cares about the Earth almost as much as their bottom line.

The notch textile lined inner sleeve beats off every ounce of sweat and condensation you can throw its way. Segmented flex grooves give the Nike Air Max Moto+ 8 the proper amount of flexibility that we all need to create speed during training.

Take note of the breathable perforated upper mesh on these bad boys. The Nike Air max Moto+ 8 is an extremely comfortable training shoe that is built to last. No frustrating trips to the garbage can with these guys.

Nike has added synthetic overlays for stability. Track coach always said, “No slippage is good slippage!!!”

Nike+ is an option for runners who enjoy recording and monitoring each step they take towards achieving their fitness goals. Nike+ sensors calculate a runners pace, distance and calories burned. No matter your experience, you will find Nike+ to be a useful tool for achieving those lofty goals.

Is Nike Air Max Moto 8 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

Nike Air Max Moto+ 8’s are designed for your running training sessions. Heavier framed runners applaud the padding and heel cushioning that takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin”!!

Don’t let the eternal optimism of this proud father of three fool you, even the greatest of all time have there detractors.

A few running aficionados prefer the Nikes Air Pegasus 27, or its formidable competitor, the Asics GEL Nimbus 12. These folks sight the weight of the Moto+ 8 as a drawback compared to lighter trainers.

However, if these alternatives don’t fit your needs, go with a pair of Moto+ 8’s. With all this impressive cushioning, your knees and shins will definitely thank you after that long, hard run.

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