Are you putting off your trail runs simply because you don’t have athletic shoes that can withstand the rugged terrain? Your wait is over with the New Balance WT810V3. Now, you can easily navigate your way through the tricky terrain without any hassle or fuss. These shoes are truly perfect for the female trail runner who wants it all.

As the successor to the WT810V2, these shoes kick things up a notch. In terms of comfort, you will not have anything to worry about with this pair of lightweight trail running shoes. They have a plush collar and tongue that help keep your feet nice and cozy inside, without the laces pushing into the top of your foot.

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Womens New Balance WT810V3 Athletic Shoes

New Balance WT810V3 New Balance WT810V3 New Balance WT810V3 New Balance WT810V3
New Balance WT810V3 New Balance WT810V3 New Balance WT810V3 New Balance WT810V3

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Their breathable mesh uppers have a hardy synthetic overlay. Sturdy, yet breathable, it doesn’t get any better. After going out for a jog, you can come home and relax without having to worry about whether or not your shoes need to be kept outside. They also have a breathable fabric lining that provides you with an amazing step-in feeling.

If you need to change the inside of the Women’s 810v2, they have a removable foam insole that will supply you with a light underfoot comfort that provides excellent comfort. You can have the insole as cushy or as light as you like, without having to worry about the process being difficult, all depending on your workout needs.

For many women, balancing the versatility of a trail running shoe with the overall weight is very important. You can’t enjoy jogging through the off-road trails if you have two weights strapped to your feet. I love the fact that the WT810v3 is 30 percent lighter in weight than other midsole models out there. Even though it is lightweight, it still provides excellent durability and responsiveness. Instead of dreading your run, you will be able to embrace it full force.

When you get out there and really start pounding the gravel roads, chances are you’re going to come across rocks and tree roots that can cause some serious pain. Thanks to the full-length ACTEVA crash pad, this women’s trainer absorbs the shock from your foot hitting foreign objects. Your foot is cushioned and protected all around with the amazing technology put into making this shoe.

Spending money wisely is also another important factor when it comes to buying athletic shoes. New Balance equips the 810’s with a super durable rubber outsole that are designed to last, so you know your money is being spent wisely. Their outsole also delivers reliable traction when running, regardless of what the terrain might be.

Choose from either the black base with pink accents or the purple base with black and yellow accents. Either way, you can showcase your feminine side with these flirty colors and sensational looking shoes. Your feet will not only be comfortable, but they will look fabulous at the same time in the New Balance WT810V3.

If you are searching for an off-road running shoe with a bit more minimalist style, New Balance also has an option for you. The Minimus W1690 was designed for women who need an all-purpose athletic shoe that combines barefoot road running and stylish fun. While your feel will be better protected in the WT810v3’s, the Minimus W1690 could be the better choice is your workouts are more confined to the gym or city streets.

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Womens New Balance WT810V3
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