Are your current athletic shoes not holding up against the open road? Turn your assumptions upside down and embrace the newly designed W870V3 from New Balance designed for women with neutral pronation. Instead of feeling like your shoes may fall apart at any minute, you’ll enjoy confidence and durability abound with your new pair of trainers.

One of the biggest concerns for a lot of women, myself included, is having a pair of athletic shoes that are comfortable. No one wants to run a few miles when their feet are killing them the entire way. You need something that is comfortable, secure, and capable of withstanding the shock of your run.

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Womens New Balance W870v3 Athletic Shoes

New Balance W870v3 New Balance W870v3 New Balance W870v3 New Balance W870v3
New Balance W870v3 New Balance W870v3 New Balance W870v3 New Balance W870v3
New Balance W870v3

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To prevent an excessive amount of shock, the Women’s 870v3’s have New Balance’s ABZORB technology, which offers unsurpassed mid-foot cushioning. With every stride, your feet will feel protected from undue strain and stress.

Another major annoyance that I cannot stand in shoes is irritation. After an intense workout, I don’t want to spend hours soaking my feet in a warm tub just to feel like I can walk again. The NB 870v3 solves this problems with the no-sew welded seams. Irritation in my forefoot was reduced, if not eliminated entirely. The feeling that you get when wearing these shoes is something that doesn’t compare to any of the others on the market today.

One of the other things that always bothered me when purchasing a new pair of athletic shoes is finding a model that didn’t feel like it was weighing me down. I wanted something lightweight and breathable. Since the 870v3’s only weigh nine ounces, they will feel surprisingly lightweight. In addition, the blown rubber forefoot delivers a lightweight cushioning that keeps your feet feeling comfy and cozy when running for extended distances.

Some of the other midsole foams are far heavier, which is why I love this new technology by New Balance. The foam inside the 870’s is 30 percent lighter than other models, and you will be able to easily feel the difference with every stride. Just because they are lightweight, that doesn’t mean they aren’t durable and responsive. In fact, the Revlite midsole delivers responsiveness that is unsurpassed.

Thanks to the three different color choices, you can choose the perfect combination to unleash your flirty side and showcase your personality. From the white/blue/yellow to the grey/pink and yellow/purple, you are sure to find a pair of shoes that you are going to love. It doesn’t matter how subtle or bold you want to go because a combination exists that you are sure to love.

If these trainers are not exactly what you are looking for, you can choose some of the other New Balance shoes for women with neutral strides. Many reviewers like the modernistic design and barefoot feel of the W3190v1, whereas female athletes needing a speedy performance shoe will be better suited with the W1400v2 (which weighs only 6 ounces!).

If you happen to get a bit of ankle or knee pain during or directly after your workout, you may need an athletic shoe built for women who slightly overpronate. In this case the W890V4 would be a great option, winning the “Best Update” award for 2013 in the Runner’s World Winter Shoe Guide. Supportive, lightweight, and durable, the package offered by the W890v4 makes this shoe something you may want to add to your closet.

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Womens New Balance W870v3
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