Are you someone who is always trying to be as fast as you can when it comes to running out on the open road? If you want to unleash your true potential, you have to check out the New Balance Women’s 1400V2. Now, you can easily shave seconds off your personal best thanks to these light and airy athletic shoes. Try them and be amazed as you race through the trails and open road all thanks to a new pair of shoes that knows what it takes to make you into the runner you have always wanted to be.

One of the biggest things that makes these shoes into the speed machines that they are is their ultralight construction. This racing flat was created with the performance athlete in mind. Instead of adding seconds to your time, you can watch it go down with each and every workout. What avid runner doesn’t want to improve their race time?

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Womens New Balance W1400v2 Athletic Shoes

New Balance W1400v2 New Balance W1400v2 New Balance W1400v2 New Balance W1400v2
New Balance W1400v2 New Balance W1400v2 New Balance W1400v2 New Balance W1400v2
New Balance W1400v2

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Unleash Your Inner Speed with New Balance W1400V2

The second edition of the W1400’s have no-sew seams that help to reduce the total weight of the shoe, while also minimizing irritation at the same time. Inside of the shoe, your foot will be surrounded with comfort from the plush padding that makes this shoe one you can wear for hours on end. Internal irritation becomes a thing of the past with the technology packed into this modern design.

Even though the 1400v2 is a woman’s racing flat, it was built on more of a neutral platform. When looking at the shoe, you can’t exactly tell that it is a performance shoe. However, once you put it on and see how it feels on your foot, you will be amazed at the difference over other shoes you have tried in the past.

As a runner, you want to make sure the shoes you purchase have ample traction and grip. Thanks to the blow rubber outsoles in these athletic shoes, you won’t have to worry about a thing when running on any number of different surfaces. It doesn’t matter where you are because these shoes offer reliable grip with each and every stride.

At a mere six ounces, these shoes are one of the lightest on the market today. The New Balance W1400V2 is actually a revamped version of the WR1400 for runners. One of the biggest differences between the shoes is that of the enhanced design in the W1400V2. It delivers even more speed and comfort than what its predecessor did. If you aren’t sure if this shoe is right for you, take a moment and check out some of the reviews from satisfied customers who bought the WR1400.

Unleash your speed and style in one of the three different color combinations in your new kicks. Flirty purple and pink, relaxing Aruba blue and daring blue and silver offer you choices that let your personality and style come through as you hit the trails and open road for the run of your dreams.

Are you not feeling the need for this type of lightweight performance shoe? If not, New Balance offers two other options for women who have a neutral pronation. The first is the Women’s 3190v1, which weighs slightly more at 8oz, but offers a bit more cushioning, and a very sweet futuristic design. Check out the outer sole in this baby to see what I mean.

The other option is a more traditional athletic shoe (but sexy nevertheless), in the New Balance W870v3. This may be a tad heavier than the other options at 9oz, but still not clunky relative to the competition. The 870v3 offers some sweet color combinations, and would be a great option for any woman’s gym workout or outdoor cross-training session.

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Womens New Balance W1400v2
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