Are you looking for a woman’s athletic shoe that was built to impress? If so, you can brighten up your feet and make a bold statement with the New Balance Women’s 1080V4.

These stunning shoes come in a variety of different colors to accentuate your individual style and personality. My personal favorite is the 1080v4 with a white base, coral accents and campanula around the mesh inner and the soles.

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Womens New Balance W1080v4 Athletic Shoes

New Balance W1080v4 New Balance W1080v4 New Balance W1080v4 New Balance W1080v4
New Balance W1080v4 New Balance W1080v4 New Balance W1080v4 New Balance W1080v4
New Balance W1080v4

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For those who want even more color, choose the blue base with pink and white accents. If you want something simpler, opt for the silver base with yellow and pink accents. There truly is a color combination for every woman with the W1080V4.

Larger female runners will love this shoe because it provides an increased amount of cushion. Whether exercising in the outdoors or fighting your way through a gym class, your feet will be surround with padding that help minimize any pain or discomfort from a shoe that isn’t right for your specific degree of pronation. With these sneakers, you´ll love being able to come home, kick off your shoes and relax.

New Balance has also added a medial support, which they refer to as the ‘TPU T-beam shank’ located in the inner arch region of the W1080v4. This crafty engineering will really help any women runners who overpronate a moderate degree and need some assistance so their foot doesn’t roll inwards.

Do you ever worry about your sneakers smelling less than ´´pleasant´´? Thanks to the breathable mesh uppers and lightweight overlays in the 1080V4, that won’t be an issue. The fabric lining is also quite breathable, so your feet won’t maintain that stale odor that so many athletic shoes can get over time. Rest assured that your feet are going to smell as fresh as daisies after running in these shoes.

If you don’t want something that weighs your foot down when running, you are definitely in the right place with these shoes. Their midsole foam is 24% lighter than other foams on the market. Even with as light as these shoes are, they still provide you with optimal resistance against compression. Light, durable, stylish and affordable- this is a running shoe that offers an impressive package.

Chafing is a thing of the past thanks to the no-sew upper design. Not only does it look sweet, but they help prevent additional wear-and-tear on your feet. The plush collar and tongue in the W1080v4 will both help provide you with additional comfort to keep your feet well protected when running.

When heading out for a jog, you want to make sure your feet have the level of stabilization they need to absorb shock. Their blown rubber outsoles provide you with durability and long-lasting grip that is unsurpassed. Toes have plenty of room with the spacious toe box, so you don’t have to feel like they are packed in like a can of sardines.

If you want something a little different in terms of style and pricing, check out some of the other shoes in the New Balance line for mild to moderate overpronators, like the award winning W890v4 or the highly popular W940V2. The W890V4 are extremely lightweight, supportive and one of the best for runner’s. They were voted the “Best Update” for 2013 in Runner’s World Winter Shoe Guide.

If you happen to be looking for a shoe that provides even more overpronation support then you’ll want to read our review of the Women’s 587, which is a bit bulkier, but has tons of added cushioning. This would be a great option for larger women athletes.

But if you are also interested in the complete package offered in these W1080’s, then pick your favorite color combo, and grab a pair before your next workout.

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4.5 Star Rating: Recommended (4.5 out of 5)

Womens New Balance W1080v4
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