Who said you can’t enjoy running out on the open road, while having athletic shoes that look and feel fabulous? Many women end up opting for a sneaker that feels nice, but the style is absolutely horrible. Thanks to the New Balance Minimus W1690, style and performance create perfect harmony.

Their traditional black color is sure to go with anything you have in your wardrobe, while the bright pink and baby blue highlights make them stand out enough to say, ¨Don’t forget about me!´´ Personally, I love the flirty pink color on this minimalist road shoe.

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Womens New Balance Minimus W1690 Athletic Shoes

New Balance Minimus W1690 New Balance Minimus W1690 New Balance Minimus W1690 New Balance Minimus W1690
New Balance Minimus W1690 New Balance Minimus W1690 New Balance Minimus W1690

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As part of the Minimus line from New Balance, the Women´s 1690´s lie between a traditional cushioned running shoe and that of barefoot running. Neutral runners, or those who are having difficulty with their gait, will learn better form all thanks to one amazing shoe.

As for me, I am one of those who can’t stand wearing shoes throughout the day (especially at work!). Flip-flops or barefoot is the way to go for me. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work well when running. Thanks to the Minimus W1690, we ladies can have the best of both worlds. Their lightweight design and overall form provide us with everything we need to tackle each and every workout with comfort and stability.

Another common compliant in women´s athletic shoes is that of irritation. If my feet are going to be in pain after a run, I am going to avoid running altogether. Now you don’t have to worry, because the no-sew upper in the W1690´s help to reduce any potential irritation. Additionally, you will sleep soundly at night knowing that your feet will be protected with the hardy reinforced toe rand that delivers an enhanced level of protection.

Even though the New Balance W1690 has a minimalist design, additional comfort comes with the lightly padded collar and tongue. Your foot will feel amazing once you have the chance to put this shoe on and hit the open road. It doesn’t matter if you run a few hundred feet or a few miles because your feet will be well cushioned and protected in this pair of kicks.

As a runner, you want a pair of jogging shoes that aren’t going to weigh you down. Since these are 30 percent lighter than other comparable models, you will be amazed at how weightless they are going to feel on your feet. At only 8 ounces, it will almost feel like you are running around barefoot because of how amazing these shoes feel.

When heading out on rugged trails or the open road, you will love the lugged rubber outsole. It provides you with optimal traction when heading along various terrains. Instead of being worried about slipping and sliding around on gravel roads, you can remain safe, secure and comfortable in your New Balance Minimus W1690 running shoes.

If the color isn’t exactly right for you, check out the many color options offered in the barefoot running WX20V3 from New Balance, another impressive minimalist shoe that you can wear with or without socks. These are even more lightweight at 6 ounces, but the style and features are a little bit different, so you have to make the final decision on what matters the most to you as a runner.

Another more traditional option for women with neutral pronation is the plush New Balance W870v3. This baby packs in a little more cushioning at 9 ounces, but loses the barefoot design. Either of these athletic shoes have sleek and stylish designs, it just depends on your taste and type of workout.

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Womens New Balance Minimus W1690
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