The New Balance 876 is specifically designed to be lightweight and cushioned, and was created for the trail runner looking to explore the outdoors and enjoy their workouts on adventurous trails.

At a mere 9.5 ounces in the New Balance WT876 and 11.7 ounces in the New Balance MT876, this trail running shoe enables you to tackle any environment you see fit.

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New Balance 876 Trail Running Shoes

New Balance 876 Mens New Balance 876 New Balance 876 New Balance 876
New Balance 876 New Balance 876 New Balance 876 New Balance 876 Womens

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Checking the bottom of the shoe, you will quickly notice that the NB 876 means business. The traction is designed in abrasive lugs across the outsole, providing exceptional grip on wet or icy trails.

The heel of the 876 contains New Balance’s N-durance heel reinforcement. This structure provides extra support where your heel strikes, and absorbs shock with each foot fall. The materials used in the N-durance also resist compression, and help improve the shoe’s durability.

The upper of the New Balance 876 contains a lightweight synthetic mesh, which covers their Lockdown Liner. This new technology actually pulls the mesh around your foot when you tighten the laces.

The front of the shoe is also protected with their Rock Stop guard. This becomes very useful for protecting your toes from any sharp surfaces or tree roots that you may pass during your run.

Checking out the inside of the shoe, you will notice the Ortholite foam insert. This is a lightweight, breathable material which can easily be removed for a quick dry after your workout.

Worried about having wet feet during a run in the rain? The inner body of the NB 876 is surrounded by a Lightning Dry Liner, which keeps your feet warm and comfortable even in the wettest conditions.

Is New Balance 876 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The NB 876 allows its users to get creative on their runs and explore the path less traveled.

Testers are impressed by the durability and comfort of the shoe in the roughest conditions. They were able to take the shoe up into snowy mountains and down rugged trails. The 876’s provided traction and flexibility, while performing well throughout.

I personally own a pair of the New Balance 875’s and have been pleased with their toughness. They are both lightweight and responsive during a run. They have been great for working out at the gym, and also for running in the winter time when snow and ice cover the ground.

The major complaint I had with the 875’s is the tongue slippage. No matter what I tried, the tongue would roll to the lateral side of the shoe during each workout. This issue has been fixed in the latest model, as the tongue is actually sewn into the liner. Users of the 876 appreciate this fix, and are finding the shoe’s tongue stays in place.

If your workouts take you off the paved streets and onto more adventurous terrain, you will discover the New Balance 876 trail running shoe is very impressive. It will take you on any excursion you can dream of, and will protect your feet under the most rugged conditions.

For runners desiring an even lighter trail shoe with a natural minimalist feel, be sure to check out the New Balance 101 Trail.

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