The New Balance 760 is the latest upgrade from the very popular New Balance 769 model. This shoe falls into the neutral to moderate overpronator category, and offers numerous features to ensure runners enjoy a stable and comfortable run.

A moderate amount of stability control is created in the NB 760’s from the TS2 support system. This support can be seen on the medial side of the shoe, and it extends from the heel to the midfoot. The TS2 allows runners to easily transition from heel strike through toe-off, and keeps the heel itself from moving side to side.

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New Balance 760 Running Shoes

New Balance 760 Mens New Balance 760 New Balance 760 New Balance 760
New Balance 760 New Balance 760 New Balance 760 New Balance 760 Mens
New Balance 760 Womens New Balance 760 Womens

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Checking the shoe’s outsole, you will notice the Stability Web technology. This helps prevent plantar fasciitis by allowing your foot to stretch in the forefoot, opposed to the midsole.

The 760 distinguishes itself with New Balance’s proprietary N-ergy cushioning material. This material is not found in many other models and is their most advanced heel padding. N-ergy is designed to keep its shape and will not breakdown over time, like many air based foams.

The compounds in the N-ergy midsole allow runners to maximize their shock absorbtion, creating a softer ride. The cushioning is strategically located to optimize the transition from heel to toe-off and minimize stress on the legs.

A breathable mesh material covers the 760’s upper. The shoe also contains New Balance’s ACTEVA foam, making it lighter than before. Additionally, the toe box has been redesigned into a rounder construction, allowing more room for runners.

Is New Balance 760 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

This shoe is one of the best selling models for neutral and moderate overpronators for good reason. Runners are attracted to the line due to its durability, impressive comfort, and sturdy stability control.

The support from the TS2 technology allows runners to glide through their workout. The combination of advanced cushioning materials makes the shoe very comfortable, and many reviewers note the shoe is functional for runners of all shapes and sizes.

Some runners who are looking for a lighter performance shoe should consider the New Balance 905. Other reviewers found the 760 did not provide sufficient arch support for their preferences. If this is the case for you, shoes such as the New Balance 1123 will provide increased motion control for your needs.

Critics of the New Balance 760 were few and far in between, which should speaks volumes to prospective buyers. This shoe has become a favorite for many runners, quickly turning skeptics into fans. Check it out to see if the NB 760 is the solution for you.

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