The New Balance 759 was created as the “go-to” model for the wide range of runners who simply desire a great quality, comfortable shoe.

With the 759, New Balance has stripped away all the unnecessary features and created a lightweight and cushioned shoe for runners with neutral to underpronating strides.

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New Balance 759 Running Shoes

New Balance 759 Mens New Balance 759 New Balance 759 New Balance 759
New Balance 759 New Balance 759 New Balance 759 New Balance 759 Mens

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The upper on the NB 759 has a breathable mesh material on the outside, and is equipped with a traditional lacing system. Looking at the inside, you will find a padded layer of memory foam on the tongue, as well as the lateral and medial sides of the heel. This added memory foam molds to your particular foot shape, and provides a softer feel with less irritation.

The NB 759 does not contain any particular motion control device in the midsole, as it is designed for runners that don’t require extra stability. Nevertheless, the outsole has deeper flex grooves to improve the flexibility of the forefoot during toe-off.

The outsole also contains New Balance’s N-durance heel support for increased longevity. You will also find the impressive Stability Web in the middle of the outsole. This device ensures the foot stretches at the forefoot and not the midfoot, ensuring runners minimize their running foot pain, such as plantar fasciitis.

A few significant changes were made on the NB 759, compared to the previous model, the New Balance 758. Many runners found the Lockdown Liner (which was designed to hold the foot in place) to be restrictive and uncomfortable. New Balance fixes this issue by completely removing the internal fit system, providing users with an improved feel over the foot.

New Balance also improved certain materials in the 759 to make it lighter and softer. The shoe still sits on the premium N-ergy cushioning system, but also contains their advanced Acteva Lite foam in the midsole, producing a very comfortable ride for its users.

Is New Balance 759 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The designers of the NB 759 do an impressive job of making the shoe lightweight without sacrificing shock absorption or cushioning. Not only did testers find the shoe durable, but it also provided significant value in their eyes.

Previous users of the New Balance 758 were very pleased that the company addressed the issues with the internal fit system. By removing this structure, they enjoyed improved flexibility over the foot, and still had extra comfort with the memory foam lined tongue.

Some runners found that the New Balance 759 did not provide sufficient stability and support, while feeling cumbersome at times.

If this is the case, shoes such as the New Balance 760 will provide a little more motion control, while still giving the soft ride you desire.

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