The New Balance 587 is a motion control shoe designed for runners who severely overpronate and for larger runners. Designed with the classic retro look, the shoes combine multiple technological advances from New Balance to provide the stability and cushioning that its users require.

When looking at the outside on the 587, you won’t find the same flashy colors that crop up in other models. The shoe’s upper is made of a synthetic mesh material and is primarily a combination of blue and gray.

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New Balance 587 Running Shoes

New Balance 587 Mens New Balance 587 New Balance 587 New Balance 587
New Balance 587 New Balance 587 New Balance 587 New Balance 587 Womens

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However, look deeper into the shoe’s design and you will see why it is one of New Balance’s best selling models.

New Balance has designed and implemented their Rollbar technology to provide exceptional support for your heel and ankle. This is specifically intended to reduce pronation and provide the support needed during your run. The dark gray Rollbar extends from the lateral side through the shoe to the medial side.

Flip the shoe upside down, and you will notice the durable rubber outsole, with horizontal grooves that provides improved flexibility. Checking out the heel, you will notice the 587 contains a graphite plate, strategically placed to provide additional support.

Oftentimes, motion control shoes will provide stability, but may lack the softness that is desired by runners. To combat this complaint, this revised model contains their patented ABZORB technology, which is comprised of special materials which provide extra cushion.

The ABZORB material is located in both the heel and forefoot, and helps minimize the shock many larger runners feel during a workout.

Is New Balance 587 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The NB 587 has garnered a significant amount of fans over the years for good reason. The shoe received numerous reviews commenting on its durability. In an age where many shoes are shipped overseas, New Balance produces all of its high quality products in the USA.

Many runners had success using the 587 in wet or snowy conditions, which sometimes can result in shoes breaking down. Not the case with the 587, as fans constantly made note of its unmatched quality, and ability to use the same pair of shoes over many, many miles.

One criticism is the shoe’s weight, coming in at 15 oz for the men and 12 oz for the women. This quality is common amongst many of the shoes for severe overpronators, but it leads many testers to find the shoe clunky at times. For a lightweight motion control alternative, the New Balance 905 may be your best option.

Other runners found that the ABZORB technology in the midsole did not provide enough padding. They complained of a hard ride, and wished the shoe provided more cushioning.

Nevertheless, the New Balance 587 has been a consistent force in the shoe market for moderate to severe overpronators and larger runners. The number of advocates far outnumber the detractors, as the shoe provides a unique mixture of stability, comfort, and durability.

If your stride falls into this category, and you want a top quality shoe from an American company, be sure to check out the New Balance 587. Also consider the New Balance 1123, which is another great New Balance motion control shoe.

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