Want the best cushioning shoe available? Look no further than the recently updated New Balance 2002. This model contains all of the latest advancements wrapped into a package set to deliver unrivaled comfort and performance.

The first thing that catches your attention with the NB 2002 is the color scheme. The shoe has more of a retro look, bypassing the flashy colors found in other models for a classy dark blue and gray motif.

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New Balance 2002 Mens New Balance 2002 New Balance 2002 New Balance 2002
New Balance 2002 New Balance 2002 New Balance 2002

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The upper on the NB 2002 is actually covered with a combination of leather and mesh, providing improved breathability and style. The heel cup also contains a layer of memory foam to mold to your particular foot and reduce irritation on the Achilles tendon.

The NB 2002 also contains the impressive Stability Web technology on the outsole. This support system in the midfoot allows the shoe to bend at the front, but not the midfoot, ultimately preventing running foot pain, like plantar fasciitis.

The 2002 really sets itself apart with their heel padding technology, N-ergy. Whereas this advanced padding is located in the heel of other top quality shoes from New Balance, the 2002 contains N-ergy across the entire midsole for maximum comfort.

Testers have always been impressed with the cushioning from N-ergy in just the heel. The material is designed to keep its shape, and will not breakdown over time, like many air based foams. However, the addition of N-ergy across the entire foot provides runners unrivaled cushioning during their runs.

Is New Balance 2002 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

Consumers that spring for the NB 2002 are always impressed with the shoe’s complete offerings. They not only get a top of the line product that is weightless, but one that provides superb cushioning, leaving some claiming it feels like a pillow under their feet.

Obviously, the main detractor of this premium model is the price. However, some runners found the NB 2002 was completely worth it relative to other potential options.

These individuals found the 2002 provided extreme comfort for their feet, and reduced the pain they were experiencing. Compared to the potential price of custom orthotics, the NB 2002 provided relief at a reasonable cost.

For runners on a tighter budget, another great cushioning shoe to consider is the New Balance 1064.

Whether you are a runner experiencing foot pain during your workouts, or are simply in search of the most comfortable shoe available, try on the New Balance 2002. The shoe combines New Balance’s high tech capabilities with a cushioning platform that simply impresses.

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