Looking for a shoe that will take your running to the next level? The New Balance 1226 may be the option you are looking for. This top of the line model by New Balance combines the latest technological advances and packages it into a shoe that allows you to achieve the most out of each run.

NB 1226 is designed for neutral to moderate overpronators, and can also be a great fit for larger runners. The inner side of the shoe contains the Stabilcore medial support, which is the shoe’s key component in stabilizing the heel and improving the transition throughout the gait cycle.

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New Balance 1226 Running Shoes

New Balance 1226 Mens New Balance 1226 New Balance 1226 New Balance 1226
New Balance 1226 New Balance 1226 New Balance 1226 New Balance 1226 Mens
New Balance 1226 Womens New Balance 1226 Womens

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The midsole of the NB 1226 contains the latest padding innovation from New Balance, the N-ergy cushioning material. The cushioning packets are strategically located to improve shock absorption and improve the runner’s ability to transfer from heel to toe-off. The material was developed without air packets, allowing the cushioning to retain its form after repeated use.

Flipping the shoe upside down, you will notice the hard Stability Web located in the middle. This technology permits the foot to stretch in the metatarsal region (forefoot) and not the sensitive midfoot. By reducing stress on the midfoot, runners can significantly reduce their susceptibility to running foot pain, or plantar fasciitis.

The weight of the NB 1226 has been reduced with the addition of the new ABZORB FL midsole foam. This helps shave grams off the weight of the shoe, as manufacturers try to create a comfortable support shoe that’s also lightweight.

The shoe’s upper is a very breathable mesh material that transfers heat while wicking away moisture. The outer body also contains reflective material around all sides of the sharp looking color scheme.

Is New Balance 1226 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

In particular, runners found that the NB1226 offered a great package of all the things they desired in a top quality running shoe: stability, comfort, and functionality.

The breathable mesh and firm medial support were amongst the most complimented attributes. Runners also found the cushioning of the shoe top notch, and it significantly helped reduce running pain and injuries.

The insole of the New Balance 1226 left some reviewers expecting more. They discovered the insole to be insufficient and to wear down quickly. This qualm left these individuals expecting more from a top end shoe.

Whereas some testers felt the 1226 was worth every penny, others were more skeptical about the associated costs. While the shoe does offer a lot in the latest technologies, you may wish to consider other options, like the New Balance 760, unless you are a serious runner and need a top performance shoe.

If you are an experienced runner and plan on logging some serious miles during your training, a shoe like the New Balance 1226 is definitely worth the investment. There are many runners who feel this way, and appreciate the quality and durability from New Balance.

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