The New Balance 1123 is the latest model in the 1100 line of maximum motion control shoes. This line from New Balance is well respected for providing the stability and comfort that overpronators require, with the durability that allows you to use these shoes for a very long time.

So what makes the 1123 so darn impressive? For starters, the manufacturers added New Balance’s Rollbar technology to the entire heel.

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New Balance 1123 Mens New Balance 1123 New Balance 1123 New Balance 1123
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The support extends through both sides of the heel, and is clearly labeled with large letters, “MOTION CONTROL”, just in case you were unsure. This technology is great for locking in your heel, and minimizing the foot’s desire to roll inwards.

The NB 1123 also takes steps forward to ensure runners enjoy a very comfortable ride. Whereas shoes such as the New Balance 587 have the ABZORB technology in the heel and forefoot, the NB 1123 enjoys extra confort.

New Balance adds their ABZORB FL material to the midsole, making the shoe lighter than the previous model, the New Balance 1122. Additionally, the ABZORB SBS provides improved cushioning and increased durability in the heel and forefoot.

The upper is created from a mesh and suede blend, but probably won’t win any fashion awards. Nevertheless, the new NLOCK Lacing technology allows users to pull the upper material around the foot, resulting in a more secure fit.

New Balance shoes have gained notoriety for their durability and quality, and this shoe is no exception. The outsole is created from their Ndurance technology, and provides a durable pad that will last.

Is New Balance 1123 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

Many runners have found the New Balance 1123 provides relief from the severe overpronation they experience. Designed for larger runners and those with flat feet, the shoe employs a multitude of technological advances to ensure its users have the stability and comfort during each and every workout.

One benefit of the NB 1123 is the increased size of the toe box. This was specifically created to allow users to insert custom orthotics, if required. Reviewers were consistently impressed with the secure feel from the shoe’s Rollbar, and noted it alleviated running pain, such as plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

However, some runners were not as impressed with the shoe. A couple reviewers found that the 1123 did not provide the sporty feel they desired. They felt that the design was geared more towards walkers and not everyday runners.

Another consideration before purchasing the NB 1123 is the price. The shoe is New Balance’s most stable shoe and includes their latest technologies, but it was more expensive than other motion control options. However, these shoes are constantly noted for their suburb quality, and you will likely get your money’s worth out of this durable option.

If looking for a motion control shoe without all the latest bells and whistles, the New Balance 587 is likely a better choice.

If you are a larger, overpronating runner, then you may well find the New Balance 1123 is the ideal model for you. It is New Balance’s premium motion control shoe, and does an impressive job at providing extreme support with extra comfort.

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