The New Balance 1064 was strategically crafted for runners with a normal to underpronating stride. The technologies in the shoe focus on creating a comfortable platform to cushion your foot strike, helping to prevent injuries and creating an enjoyable run.

For runners who supinate, or land excessively on the outside of their foot, one of the major priorities is having a shoe with sufficient cushion. To address this concern, the NB 1064 contains memory foam padding in the heel of the shoe, which molds to your foot for increased comfort.

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New Balance 1064 Mens New Balance 1064 New Balance 1064 New Balance 1064
New Balance 1064 New Balance 1064 New Balance 1064 New Balance 1064 Womens

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The midsole of the shoe also contains New Balance’s most advanced shock absorption technology, N-ergy, to reduce pounding on your knees and legs. The removable insole on the 1064 is their Ortholyte foam insert. This contains perforated holes to allow the insole to breath, ultimately reducing foot odor.

Flipping the NB 1064 upside down, you will notice the N-durance heel support in the rear to improve durability. The middle of the outsole also contains New Balance’s Stability Web structure, which prevents your foot from flexing in the midfoot, focusing the bend in the forefoot where it belongs.

A few updates were made on the New Balance 1064 compared to the New Balance 1063 to improve the overall comfort and reduce weight. Additionally, flex grooves in the forefoot were deepened, allowing runners improved flexibility during toe-off.

New Balance also added their Lockdown Liner to the inner cavity of the shoe. This shell actually pulls tight across the top of the foot as you tighten the laces, minimizing discomfort in the upper region.

Is New Balance 1064 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The NB 1064 has become a well respected cushioning shoe for good reason, gaining many fans along the way. Reviewers were constantly impressed with the comfort of the ride, and noted a plush feeling.

For runners with preexisting injury conditions, the shoe provided the relief that they were looking for. These same individuals swear by the shoe’s ability to relieve pain and pressure points during workouts.

A number of testers found the toe box in the NB 1064 to be slightly tight for their preference. They discovered that it was necessary to increase their shoe size by ½ in order to obtain an improved fit.

For neutral and underpronating runners seeking a very comfortable ride, make sure you consider the New Balance 1064’s. The shoe combines lightweight technologies with extreme cushioning, making it a great value buy.

Runners that are interested in the superb premium cushioning shoe should also consider the New Balance 2002 before making their final decision.

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