It’s time to prepare for your next marathon in style with the Mizuno Sayonara. This women’s athletic shoe has been deemed as the perfect lightweight marathon trainer for any woman that wants to ensure they have the equipment to succeed, and the comfort to finish without pain.

The Sayonara is designed to fit those ladies who have a neutral or underpronated stride. The Sayonara is the replacement shoe for both the Wave Elixir and the Wave Precision, meaning that the Sayonara has a high legacy to live up to.

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Mizuno Sayonara Mizuno Sayonara

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With the Sayonara replacing two different shoes there are quite a few differences that people are going to see. These changes include:

  • A much lighter weight than the Precision and the Elixir, weighing in at 7.1 ounces.
  • Removal of the flex grooves that were seen in the Precision that caused many people discomfort.
  • The shoe is also more roomier than the Precision, making it great for those who want a bit of wiggle room in a running shoe.

There are several features about the Sayonara that makes it a top choice for the many women athletes who are looking for a great running shoe:

  • There is very little heel height when looking from the toe of the shoe to the heel that makes it easier for those who want to feel more in control of their running motions.
  • Contains the G3 SOLE which is what helps to achieve the lighter weight and also allows for more flexibility and traction when running on different terrains.
  • The shoe also has a unique shoe design on the upper top of the shoe that allows for a better run as it grips the ground better and also holds the foot in place while running.
  • There is a foam insert that you can remove if you decide that this is too much support, which is just an added bonus for getting a shoe that truly fits you.
  • The entire shoe is made from breathable materials, including breathable mesh on the outside and breathable fabric on the inside.

With the Sayonara you will find several color options. These colors include electric, silver with purple magic; cabbage, orchid bouquet and aurora; white, lime punch and blue atoll; white, pansy and black. Each color option is very feminine and the design is one that cannot be mistaken for any other model of shoe out there.

The Sayonara is a relatively new shoe on the market, but several women have already tested these shoes. For the most part, these trainers are getting rave reviews due to being so light and easy to control.

However, one common complaint among women is that these shoes do wear easily. Many women have reported that after two hundred miles these shoes start to wear in the toe area, with many women stating that the mesh fabric already has holes in it.

Another complaint is the size of the shoe that seems to run a bit more narrow when compared to the shoes it replaced and other Mizuno shoes on the market. Due to the shoes seeming to be a bit more narrow on the toes, there are many women who have complained of pain on the top of their feet.

If you are looking for a similar shoe within the Mizuno line that is developed for women with neutral strides, you will have a couple superb options.

Two of our favorites include the award-winning Rider 17, and the extremely comfortable Creation 15, both of which are catering to this foot type and have individual traits that make them appealing to some women.

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Womens Mizuno Sayonara
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