Ask yourself: “Did I feel pain during my last workout?” If you answered yes, then your old athletic shoes may be to blame. Every foot is different, and in order to find your perfect running shoe, knowing the arch of your foot is the only way to ensure you are not suffering from injuries.

If you have a high arch and a neutral running gait, then the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 is a very popular shoe to consider for your next purchase. Allowing for extra cushion to ensure the arch of the foot is supported, it can make your next workout a much more enjoyable experience. The Wave Rider 17 is the next generation picking up from the Wave Rider 16… just better.

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Changes for the current version of the Wave Rider are small, yet most female testers report these changes make a huge difference in the comfort and support level. With this being said, changes for the Wave Rider 17 include:

  • New stitching, for a more fashionable appeal.
  • Additional insole cushioning to provide a cocoon for the foot while running.
  • 30% lighter than the previous version. The shoe weighs in at under 8 ounces.
  • Full length wave plate in the shoe that is meant to absorb even more of your steps while running.

So what makes the Wave Rider 17 so great? There are several technical features about these shoes that can be seen for this model, these are including:

  • Wave technology that allows the shoe to actually move with your foot. No longer do you have to worry about stiff movements that crunch toes and bend ankles.
  • New lacing technology to ensure that the front of the Rider does not bunch up, causing problems for the toes.
  • The lightweight makes it easier to run in and less weight on weak or injured ankles.
  • Perfect for the female athlete with a neutral or underpronated gait.

The Wave Rider line has won several awards over the years, allowing everyone to have a bit more confidence that the designers at Mizuno do indeed know how to do their shoes to fit the hectic life of a runner. Awards won include:

  • Shape’s Magazine Running shoe awards for 2013
  • Fitness Magazine gave it the road running award for being so well in road conditions.

Those of us who decide to try on the Wave Rider 17 will find they have three color options. The slate/cabbage/rose, the white/slate/dewberry and sugar coral/aurora/slate option. Each offering a unique way to show your personality, while still having the comfort needed.

Many reviews have already been written on the Wave Ride 17, praising the lightweight design and impressive cushioning that has been included with this model. However, some readers are stating that due to the new shoe lace design, the toe area of the Rider seems to be a bit more narrow, resulting the shoe not fitting as well as previous models. Aside from this small difference though, testers seem to feel that the Wave Rider 17 continues to impress.

If you personally have a foot with a flat arch, the Wave Rider 17 may not be the best fit. In this case, I would recommend going with the Mizuno Inspire 10, that offers some arch support and will protect your knees and ankles during your longer runs.

However, if you are shopping for comparable Mizuno models to the Wave Rider 17, there are a few other excellent options by Mizuno such as the highly acclaimed Creation 15, an impressive trainer built for women without overpronation issues.

The big differences between the Rider and the competition is the fact that the Wave Rider 17 is still using lighter weight materials. In the end, this lighter weight after running for a few miles will make a huge difference at the end of the day.

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Womens Mizuno Rider 17
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