Be prepared for heads to turn when you wear the Mizuno Prophecy 3 shoes. These trainers are specifically designed for those women who have neutral or underpronating gaits, and offer a world of comfort for your tired feet.

This updated model of the Prophesy line is best suited if you enjoy long distance runs across several surfaces without any problems, as they are specifically manufactured to cater to these types of running extremes.

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Womens Mizuno Prophecy 3 Athletic Shoes

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Mizuno Prophecy 3

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From the Prophecy 2 to the Prophecy 3 there are a few changes that women are going to notice as soon as they slide in their feet. These changes include:

  • A much lighter weight, as the shoe weighs around 9.6 ounces, making it easier to run in this for longer distances.
  • The shoe incorporates a new midsole that is more foam like, allowing for a better feel and cushion to the shoe.

Along with these changes to the new Prophecy 3, the shoe has some remarkable attributes about it that intrigue many women, like:

  • A high heel to toe ratio, which is great for those who tend to put more pressure on their heels.
  • A Dynomation Fit that allows the trainer to adjust to your foot, rather than your foot adjusting to the trainer. What this gives you is a fit that is hard to compare to any other shoe model on the market.
  • Fabric lining inside the shoe allows for your feet to breathe better, which makes wearing these shoes for long periods of time much easier.
  • Contains SmoothRide technology that allows for a better grip while wearing the shoe, thus you can avoid the feeling of having your feet slip inside of the shoe.
  • It does have the x10 carbon rubber on the sole of the shoe which minimizes the slipping that you will feel when running on some surfaces.
  • The toe of the Prophecy fits the natural curve of the foot, thus you do not have to worry about the shoe turning up at the ends, which can cause some feet problems for many women.

The Wave series offered by Mizuno (which includes the Prophecy model) are highly awarded shoes, with many magazines and organizations giving the Wave line their top award of being one of the best running shoes on the market.

There are three color options, all of which offer a colorful way to stand out when running in a crowd. These options are Olympian blue with silver, Cabbage with Indigo, and dusty aqua, dark slate with bright marigold. Each option is fully feminine in its design, which adds up to just another plus with the Prophecy line.

The only complaints that other women seem to have is one that is more or less due to the shape of the feet. The height from the heel to the toe is a bit higher, thus some women have complained of shin and leg pain after running in these. This type of complaint is simply due to the shoe not fitting the needs of the individual woman, and can be easily fixed.

If you are looking for a shoe that does not have the height that the Prophecy does then the Mizuno Rider 17 is a good option as it has the usual heel height, and will help you avoid the issues mentioned above.

For those ladies who are looking for something similar but with a bit more overpronation support, Mizuno offers an impressive option in the Inspire 10. This stability shoe is well respected in the running community, and will help if you have any ankle pain during your workouts.

However, if you don’t need an athletic shoe that is built with midfoot support, then the technology and style packed into the Prophecy 3 makes it one to try out. Check out some of the positive reviews and see why women love this latest model from Mizuno.

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Womens Mizuno Prophecy 3
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