Tired of running in athletic shoes that are clunky and offer little support? If so, the Mizuno Paradox is going to feel like a dream during your next workout.

This trainer was developed to offer enhanced comfort and stability for those women who have a slight or moderate overpronating foot.

The Paradox is the replacement for the Wave Alchemy offered by Paradox, yet expands upon all the Alchemy had right and made it much better for runners.

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The main goal of this shoe was to provide lightweight support and offering a level of stability that is of a high quality. When compared to the previous Mizuno Alchemy, the Paradox offers several new features:

  • Lighter weight as the shoe weighs in at 8.6 ounces, making it one of the lightest athletic running shoes on the market.
  • An extreme graphic that gives the idea of curved lines when there are really only straight lines that encompass this shoe, a style that many reviewers love.
  • The rubber sole with the Wave Plate technology is also something that can only be found with the Paradox and is an improvement upon the Alchemy, making for better traction and better feel.

When sliding on your Paradox’s for the first time, you’ll notice a slew of technology packed into every pair. Some of these key features include:

  • The trainer has upper mesh which helps to make it more breathable, a must if you are running for several miles a day.
  • The forefoot is very wide, which helps to add more stabilization, as well as make the shoe more comfortable.
  • Contains a U4ic midsole which basically adds more comfort during your workout.
  • The sole of the Paradox is made of a combination of a rubber along with their Wave Plate technology which gives the entire frame more flexibility.
  • Lots of shock support with the Double Fan Wave and the Wave Plate technology for even more medial support for women who overpronate.

This newly designed model is available in several different widths, which make it more accommodating to the runner. The widths are narrow, medium and wide.

There is only one color choice available at this time which is the silver with blue and marigold. The company may release more colors within the next year as the model gains a reputation.

Though the Paradox is geared for female athletes who need a moderate level of support, there are a few issues that women are reporting. Many women are reporting that the level of medial support is almost too much and can make running painful.

It cannot be overstressed that this shoe is designed for those women who overpronate, and those who do not have much of an arch. If you don’t fall into one of these two categories, you will find that another model will be a better option for your workouts.

Another problem being reported is the tight toe area that has led many women to get a half size larger in order to accommodate for this and to avoid the blisters that come along with having a shoe that is too small.

If you want a different athletic trainer built for mild overpronators that has a bit less cushion, then consider the Inspire 10. This Mizuno crowd pleaser has a high level of comfort, yet does not provide as much cushion as the Paradox.

For those female athletes who have normal arches and strides, and who don’t need medial support, Mizuno offers some great options for you. One of our personal favorites is the Rider 17, one of the best models on the market and a perennial best-buy.

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Womens Mizuno Paradox
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