Do you put off your workout due to your current athletic shoes rubbing blisters, burning your ankles and making your legs and back sore? If so, then chances are you are wearing a trainer that is not a fit for you, and it’s time to introduce yourself to the Inspire 10 manufactured by Mizuno.

The Inspire 10 is the next generation to the Inspire 9, a beloved shoe for many female runners and athletes alike. The new version offers even more padding to help cradle your foot, while also a quality that is hard to find elsewhere.

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Mizuno Inspire 10 Mizuno Inspire 10

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The latest Inspire 10 has a few changes from the last model, including:

  • U4ic midsole that is much lighter than the AP+ sole previously used, around 30% lighter in fact.
  • In addition, the newer version is slightly lighter than the Inspire 9, meaning less pain on your legs and feet.
  • The upper part of the shoe is mainly made from breathable mesh which is a slight upgrade from the previous version, this also allows for the shoe to have a better fit.

Along with this addition to the new model, there are several features that are worthy of being noted, including:

  • Memory foam inside the shoe to help ensure a perfect fit for every unique foot.
  • A Smoothride design that is going to allow you to avoid the hurt often associated with stopping and starting as your feet can move in the shoe. With this technology, your feet stay in place, allowing for even more comfort.
  • This shoe is made for those women with overpronating strides, and has technology placed in the midsole to enhance stability during your workout.
  • A lightweight train that only weighs 9 ounces.
  • The bottom of the shoe is made from an X10 carbon rubber that allows for smoother traction and more support even on the longest run you take, this also allows for you to run without the need for multiple pairs of shoes since the rubber flexes so well to accommodate your running surface.

With the Inspire 10 there are a number of size and color options that are available. For one, a person can choose their width, something that many other shoe models do not offer. These are available in 2A (Narrow), B (Medium) and D (Wide). There are also several colors to choose from including:

  • White/ Black/ Aquarius
  • Aquarius/ Black/ Aurora
  • Aurora/ Black/ Aquarius
  • Dark Slate/ Aquarius/ Aurora

Many of women have commented that the change in upper material has resulted in a tighter fit within the toes. This has led many women to find that blisters and rubbing can occur in the area since there does not seem to be enough bend to the material.

To counteract this problem many women suggest ordering a wider shoe than normal or a half size bigger shoe to compensate for the smaller toe enclosure. Otherwise, most women have commented that the Inspire 10’s fit like gloves on their feet, and allow them to run for as long as they need without any problems.

Due to the Inspire 10’s being a shoe designed for women who are moderate overpronators, if you are looking for a shoe design for ladies with neutral strides (for those without overpronation issues), you are going to find several other Mizuno athletic shoes that you can choose from, including the Rider 17 or even the Creation 15. Both options are considered great for women who enjoy running on pavement or other flat surfaces.

For those outdoor enthusiasts looking for a sturdier shoe that works best when you are hiking or running trails, then the Mizuno Ascend 8 is one of the best on the market.

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Womens Mizuno Inspire 10
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