Are you ready to run as though there is nothing between your feet and the ground? The Hitogami shoe offered by Mizuno is going to allow you to have this feeling, and may be just what is needed to give your next workout extra boost.

The Hitogami was released with the retirement of two models, the Musha and Ronin. However, Mizuno states that the Hitogami did not succeed this, though the features of the new shoe seems to take on the best of these two models to make one perfect women’s running shoe.

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Womens Mizuno Hitogami Athletic Shoes

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Due to the Hitogami being a brand new model, there are several features about the shoe that are both unique and impressive:

  • The inspiration for the shoe comes from the Japanese Kabuki theater, which is interesting to say the least, as those who practice in this type of theater are often transformed into the character they are playing. Hence, why the Hitogami is expected to transform runners into a new mode of running.
  • A lightweight minimalist trainer of only 7.4 ounces.
  • This is a barefoot running shoe that is going to allow you feel the earth naturally, leaving not much between your feet and the ground.
  • The material used on the inside and the outside is highly breathable to allow for even longer periods of running without feeling as though your feet are being worked too hard.
  • A sleek appearance with these shoes that makes it hard not to notice these being worn, testers often commented on getting remarks about how great these shoes looked.
  • The foot is cocooned in the middle of the shoe with what is a Kabuki inspired foot wrap, preventing your foot from feeling as though it is sliding in the shoe while running, which can also prevent injury to the toes.
  • G3 rubber used on the front of the shoe to allow for better traction and more stability.
  • While running, you will feel a slight spring in the toe region that is going to add to the stability of these shoes, and gives you a natural running motion.
  • The insoles are made from molded foam that is going to adhere to your foot incredibly well.

This is a minimalist performance shoe meaning that there is not as much cushion compared to what other running shoes are offering. These women’s trainers are only made in medium width, yet there are two color options that you can choose from. This is the white, blue depths with aurora; and the electric, Olympian blue, with cyber yellow.

Complaints are rare with the Hitogami. The only one is from testers who merely say that it takes a bit to get used to how these shoes feel while running, yet this is the whole purpose behind these types of shoes.

These thoughts are common amongst athletes when breaking into the barefoot running community, and it serves to know this complaint quickly turns into a positive after you wear the shoe for a few days and your feet become accustomed.

The only comparison that these shoes have is the Sayonara offered by Mizuno. They have a somewhat similar shape, though the Sayonara offers slightly more cushion for the foot and has a bit more stiff feel to it than the Hitogami.

If you need a shoe that allows for more cushion and protection then the Rider 17 is one of the best selling models that is on the market, and it is considered to be a much heavier running shoe.

However, if you’re looking for a more minimalist trainer during your fitness workouts, give the newly designed and well styled Mizuno Hitogami a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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Womens Mizuno Hitogami
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