Do your feet ache or blister easily and at the end of a workout? Do you feel as though your entire body is hurting? The Mizuno Creation 15 is one of the highly rated athletic shoes on the market that provides excellent cushion. This may be your #1 answer to avoid those achy bodies and painful blisters that can easily arise when wearing the wrong pair of athletic shoes.

The model is acclaimed as a comfy option for any woman looking to run in comfort and style, and who runs several miles a day. The Creation 15 is the newest model in the Creation line, succeeding the Creation 14 offered by Mizuno.

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Womens Mizuno Creation 15 Athletic Shoes

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The newest Creation 15 expands upon the previous models within the Creation line through a few advancements, including:

  • An updated design, making the Creation 15 a favorite for those looking for a good functional shoe.
  • The biggest change comes in the form of the new U4ic which is being seen in a lot of the newer model Mizuno shoes coming onto the market. The u4ic basically allows for the ultimate comfort that you may need while running, but is also lighter which makes the entire shoe much lighter to workout in.

With the changes to the Creation 15, it is geared to be an impressive athletic shoe for any woman. Some of the key features include:

  • A weight of 9.2 ounces, which makes this shoe more of a middle of the pack with respect to its weight.
  • Is designed for female athletes with a neutral or underpronated foot.
  • Contains the Smooth Ride engineering that is meant to help for a smooth run, ensuring your foot does not slip and slide inside this trainer.
  • The flexibility of the shoe is enhanced with the New Infinity Wave Construction technology. Not only is this trainer more flexible, arranging for a wider range of motion, but the shoe is also going to have more support for those who need it making running much easier and comfortable.
  • Has a DMF upper design that helps to make the fit more snug for your foot.
  • A fabric lining is inside adding to the comfort level while running.
  • The insoles in the Creation are foam, which helps to cradle your foot as well as ensure the shoe conforms to your foot properly.
  • The carbon rubber sole helps to ensure that you have traction no matter where you run and in any weather condition you may run in.

The Creation 15 is only available in medium widths, yet there are two color options that you can choose from. The cerise, lime punch, and sugar coral is one option. While the other option is the white, aquarius and pansy color scheme. With either color option, you will find that it is stylish and gives just the right amount of cheer to help you get through any workout you tackle.

The reviews by female athletes who have been testing these trainers are extremely positive. Most testers are stating that the shoe is even more comfortable than the previous generation, and that it helps them in long distance runs, as well as short runs.

Complaints are few and far between, meaning the Creation 15 is one athletic shoe that you will adore, leading some women to state that it is the best shoe on the market.

If you are looking for a shoe that is a bit speedier, the Rider 17 weighs less and is one of the most popular shoes on the market, winning award after award. It may be tough to choose between these two delightful athletic shoes, so grab whichever style best fits your workout attire and head out for that next workout!

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5.0 Star Rating: Recommended (5.0 out of 5)

Womens Mizuno Creation 15
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