Do you slip and fall, possibly causing pain to your ankles and feet, while trekking the dirt trails in your current shoes? This a common complaint which can be corrected with the Mizuno Wave Ascend 8.

This particular model of shoe is made for the outdoor enthusiasts who get their exercise through hiking the nature trails they come across. Outdoor hiking is much different than if the person were to be running on a flat surface, hence the need for a top rated trail shoe that is going to handle the terrain it is being submitted to.

With the Ascend 8, you will have a well respected trainer that offers ankle support, which is perfect for those women who have a neutral or underpronating stride.

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The Ascend 8 is an award winning shoe offered by Mizuno that is packed with top-of-the-line fitness technology. Some of the features of the shoe include:

  • Weighing in at only 9.6 ounces, making it extremely light for a trail rated shoe.
  • An “X” pattern on the sole of the shoe to allow for more grip.
  • An AP+ midsole gives hikers the ability to have comfort in their foot while pushing forward through any trail.
  • Breathable mesh top makes running and hiking even more enjoyable.

The “X” pattern is perhaps the most notable feature that the Ascend 8 offers. This is going to allow for you to go from one type of terrain to another, without any real difficulty. This is one of the star features of this shoe and one that female hikers and runners greatly appreciate.

Another special feature of this particular model is the AP midsole that is great for neutral and underpronated wearers. This cushion is going to embrace the foot no matter what type of terrain you are running in, ensuring at the end of the day your feet still feel great.

Award wise, the Ascend 8 often gets rave reviews and awards for how well built this trail shoe really is. Runner’s World states that the Ascend 8 has just about every feature that a person will need while running off-road, and is a great buy when price and features are all considered. Several other running magazines and organizations include the Ascend 8 as one of the top three trail rated running shoes you can own.

The Ascend 8 has two color options. One is the blue, pink and black option, while the other boasts purple, silver, and aurora. Either option is going to offer feminine appeal and a high degree of function.

Though the Ascend 8 comes highly recommended, there are a few complaints that women have made. For example, many runners state that the shoe is not true to size, as they run a half size smaller than what they would normally buy. This can be corrected through ordering your shoe a half size bigger.

Another common complaint is the fact that the shoe does not come in wide widths. For women with wider feet, the toe area of the shoe can prove to be troublesome.

For those women who tend to workout less in the hills and more so in the city streets, Mizuno offers a few great options that come highly recommended. If you need a trainer that contains similar midfoot support as the Ascend 8, Mizuno has developed the Inspire 10, which is a great option for women who are overpronators and love the long distance runs.

Otherwise, if you love the smell of fresh mountain air during your workouts, the Ascend 8 would be a great choice for trail runners and hikers alike.

RunPals Rated: Mizuno Ascend 8
5.0 Star Rating: Recommended (5.0 out of 5)

Womens Mizuno Ascend 8
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