The Mizuno Precision 11 is definitely one shoe that will set you apart from the pack. This lightweight shoe for runners with neutral gaits is both sturdy and responsive, making it a perfect candidate for either everyday training or race day performance.

Mizuno consistently distinguishes itself as a brand with high quality materials. The upper on the Precision 11 is a super breathable mesh, which easily facilitates breathing between the foot and outside environment.

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Mizuno Wave Precision 11 Running Shoes

Mizuno Precision 11 Mens Mizuno Precision 11 Mizuno Precision 11 Mizuno Precision 11
Mizuno Precision 11 Mizuno Precision 11 Mizuno Precision 11 Mizuno Precision 11 Mens
Mizuno Precision 11 Womens Mizuno Precision 11 Womens

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The shoe contains Mizuno’s Dynamotion Fit Technology, which has been improved upon to reduce common pressure points. The soft upper fits well with the sturdy arch support, helping the shoe fit closely around your foot.

The Mizuno Wave support provides more structure than motion control in the Precision, and is located in the shoe’s heel. This has been redesigned in the latest model, as the materials have changed from rubber to TPU, which should improve the transfer of momentum from the heel strike though toe-off.

Another change between the Mizuno Wave Precision 11 and the Precision 10 is visible on the outsole. The Precision 11 has an added Strikezone TPU Crashpad, visible from the ring shaped design.

This softer rubber serves to ease the impact of each strike while providing a smoother feel. The remainder of the outsole is constructed from Mizuno’s durable X10 rubber, providing both durability and traction.

Whereas the Mizuno Wave Precision 11 will not contain the maximum cushioning that some other models provide (see Mizuno Creation 12), the designers still added elements to ensure a comfortable fit. Mizuno’s latest AP+ padding material has been added inside the midsole, which is not only lighter, but also provides responsiveness.

Is Mizuno Precision 11 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

This lightweight, stylish model from Mizuno has a lot of factors going for it. The technology is top notch, and provides a study base while allowing the shoe to respond to your every desire.

Due to its performance design, the shoe is not ideal for beginning runners, and is geared towards those consistently training or preparing for an upcoming race. Mizuno fans needing less performance and more comfort in a neutral shoe should consider both the Mizuno Creation 12.

However, if you demand a lot out of your running shoes, and need a lightweight trainer that can stand up to your training, the Mizuno Precision 11 is an awesome choice. The shoe offers unique styling and color choices, which makes it appealing to some and revolting to others. You be the judge.

Either way, you will definitely separate yourself from the pack with this distinctive racer. At the end of the day, you will have discovered a hidden gem in the Mizuno Wave Precision 11 that not many other runners have even heard about.

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