If your feet are begging for a premium support shoe, look no further than the Mizuno Nirvana 7. This stability shoe contains all of the latest advances from Mizuno, and provides maximum cushion so you can enjoy each and every run.

Mizuno’s patented Wave Technology takes a different form in the Nirvana 7. Opposed to stopping in the heel, the Double Fan Wave is extended from the heel, all the way through the forefoot. This support provides extra cushioning and improved resiliency in the medial region.

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Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7 Running Shoes

Mizuno Nirvana 7 Mens Mizuno Nirvana 7 Mizuno Nirvana 7 Mizuno Nirvana 7
Mizuno Nirvana 7 Mizuno Nirvana 7 Mizuno Nirvana 7 Mizuno Nirvana 7 Mens

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The Mizuno Wave structure is also amplified in the medial side of the Nirvana 7, providing the extra stability that overpronators require.

The upper on the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7 contains their Dynamotion Technology. The upper has redesigned lace tabs, allowing the shoe to hug to your foot while reducing annoying pressure points.

Mizuno takes additional measures to ensure a comfortable fit for their runners. Along with the partially sewn in padded tongue and dual density heel, the Mizuno Nirvana 7 contains a new sock liner. All of these additions significantly improved the comfort and overall feel for many testers.

The outsole on the Nirvana 7 contains measures to ensure the shoe lasts under the most intense training regimens. The heel contains their VS1 carbonized rubber in the heel, which prevents wear and absorbs shock.

You will also notice that specific points on the medial side of the outsole contain pockets of hardened rubber. These hardened plastic supports assist in minimizing your tendency to overpronate, and improve the transition from heel strike to toe-off.

Is Mizuno Nirvana 7 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7 is one of most impressive shoes from Mizuno for good reason. It contains multiple improvements from the Nirvana 6 to increase the cushioning and overall comfort of the ride.

Fans of the Mizuno Nirvana are impressed by the stability it provides for their overpronation. The shoe does an excellent job of holding their heel in place, and providing arch support necessary to prevent their foot from rotating inwards.

Additionally, a number of testers found the Intercool vents (located on the medial platform) provided great ventilation. They noted an improved breathing in the shoe as the foot stayed dry and cool.

The most common critique of the Mizuno Wave Nirvana 7 was that the shoe sized small. Some respondents felt the shoe was tight in the toe box, and that they were better off purchasing a shoe ½ size larger than their normal fit.

For runners with neutral to moderate overpronation, especially larger runners looking for maximum cushioning, the Nirvana 7 is a great option. The shoe is one of the more expensive options from Mizuno, but the combination of stability control, fit, and comfort makes it a great option for many runners.

The Mizuno Nirvana 7 competes with a number of excellent running shoe options. Two of the more popular options to consider are the Asics Kayano 17 and the New Balance 1226.

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