The Mizuno Inspire 7 comes into the market as one of the premier motion control shoes available to runners. The shoe has the unique ability to combine comfort, fit, and stability, which has made it one of Mizuno’s best selling models over the last several years.

For runners with neutral to moderate overpronation, a chief concern is finding a shoe that provides sufficient support but that also feels good during a run. Thankfully, Mizuno makes this delicate balance a priority and adds structures into the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 so you can have your cake and eat it too!

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 Running Shoes

Mizuno Inspire 7 Mens Mizuno Inspire 7 Mizuno Inspire 7 Mizuno Inspire 7
Mizuno Inspire 7 Mizuno Inspire 7 Mizuno Inspire 7 Mizuno Inspire 7 Mens
Mizuno Inspire 7 Womens Mizuno Inspire 7 Womens

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The midsole on the Inspire 7 contains Mizuno’s Wave technology. This industry leading support system effectively moderates your tendency to roll your heel inwards, while also minimizing shock on the knees by dissipating energy from impact.

Also packed away on the midsole is the Mizuno Intercool ventilation system. This provides pockets for heat exchange from the internal cavity to the external environment, keeping your foot dry and cool.

Durability is a strong point in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7, as the bottom tread is covered with X10 carbonized rubber. Along with the hardened VS1 heel support, these structures keep the shoe performing under the toughest conditions, making them a great option for runners planning on logging serious miles.

Cushioning in the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 has been improved upon versus the previous Inspire 6 model. AP+ padding was added to the midsole, giving runners a softer feel and more responsible feedback during their run.

The Dynamotion Fit was also enhanced in the newest model. Lace tabs have been redesigned to reduce pressure points some runners experienced. Improved padding in the heel cup also ensures the Inspire 7 molds directly to your foot, and provides a seamless transition from heel strike through toe-off.

Is Mizuno Inspire 7 The Best Running Shoe For Me?

The number of positive reviews for the Inspire 7 is impressive. While some runners are torn between equally remarkable shoes like the Asics Kayano 17, the fit of the Inspire 7 seems to surprise numerous runners, making them fans for life.

Many runners who tried out the Mizuno Inspire 7 noted the impressive support around the arch, and tighter fit over the top of the foot. Whereas the Inspire 6 may have provided a little more room, the improved Dynamotion Fit supplies a great feel over long distances.

On this same note, the Intercool system in the midsole made a big impact. For runners in warm or humid climates, this feature was imperative in keeping their feet dry and cool.

The fact that so many runners are impressed by the Mizuno Wave Inspire 7 makes it one trainer to highly consider. For neutral to moderate overpronators, the Inspire 7 presents a lightweight, supportive shoe with a very impressive feel – all the factors needed to ensure you enjoy each and every run.

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